Chinese Premium Letter LLLL Domains Spreadsheet

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A hot subject for a while now in the domain market has been domain names. The price has been steadily increasing for a while now. As Chinese buyers have entered the game in droves the value of “Chinese Premium Letters” has increased the most.

What Are Chinese Premium Letter LLLL Domains

Chinese Premium Letter domains only use the most popular 20 characters of the alphabet:

Chinese Premium Letters

b c d f g h j k l m n p q r s t w x y z

That is a lot of domain names (26x26x26x26=456,976). Chinese Premium Letter domains are significantly rarer (20x20x20x20=160,000) representing only a bit more than 1/3 of domain.

Where can I get some Chinese Premium Letter domains?

Every domain name has been registered. You will have to buy it from a person or company that owns it. You can buy domains via auction or buy it now at Flippa, Godaddy Auctions, Snap Names and more places.You could also look up the who is for the domain you are interested in and contact the owner.

Where is The Spreadsheet You Mentioned?

Here is the .zip file: Chinese Premium Letter LLLL. Once you unzip the folder there is an .ods spreadsheet that can be opened with Open Office. I did not add any domain extension to the list. It is in 20 columns of 8k names ordered by the first letter.