Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

Who knew that the 2008 election would have the Democrats swinging two mighty powerful punches in such a short time frame? As a woman poised to run for the ascending Democrats, Hillary stands a chance of actually winning. Is that the scary part, or is the scary part that she is running against the first black man to actually stand a chance of winning? Clinton has hit the campaign trail hot and heavy working on building up her bank account for primary expenses and is busily planning her campaign.

People are left to wonder is Hillary Rodham Clinton going to be the first female president of the United States? She has already lived in the White House before, and is fairly familiar with the job, but is the sting of having two members of the Bush family so close together going to be a bit too much for voters to tolerate with the Clinton family? As a freshman, Senator Clinton made a very powerful impression and has performed particularly well for the state of New York. Will Hillary be able to maintain this momentum through the election? Moreover, will she garner enough support from within her own party to take the victory she so truly desires?

How well she can really perform as a President is the bigger question, and one which surely only time could answer. While being a Senator and the President are both high profile jobs, is the nation ready to open their hearts, and minds, to a female President? The country being led by a woman could be a huge step forward in women’s rights, yet that is a gigantic step that this country may not be quite ready for. With women pulling more jobs of power each year, females are rising to the top of their game, proving they are just as capable and competent as their male counterparts.

Stop and think, while the nation is poised to see a female running for President, how many other candidates names truly come to mind? Very few, for the typical American. Hillary is a household name, who made a name for herself after stepping up to the plate to be a very involved First Lady who held her head high even with her personal life in chaos. Many Americans understand and appreciate how well she managed to pull herself together and still set a stellar example for this country. Her composure and rational approach has won her the utmost respect nationwide, which will undoubtedly contribute towards her performance next time around.

From the women previously in the White House, Hillary is truly one of the more rememorable. Barbara Bush and Hillary both made a point of going out into the public, while the current Mrs. Bush, Laura tends to hide more from the public eye. The number of times Laura has been out in public is minimal compared to the two former First Ladies who have graced the White House.

If we stop and look, America tends to be a much happier country when the First Lady is actively involved and makes herself well known. Both politically and economically, the presence of a solid First Lady has a very positive impact on American society. Consider as well, Hillary is the first First Lady of the United States who has run for a public office and been elected. Consider this a major feat for the women of the country, add to that the fact that Mrs. Clinton has managed to be the first female Senator to be elected in New York and you have a very busy woman who loves the spotlight.

Should America be running scared, or standing tall as the events unfold? Only time can tell for sure, but when dealing with the first Former First Lady to make a political name for herself, it is sure to be a very interesting election.