The Different Types of Car Auctions

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The Different Types of Car Auctions:

There are different types of auto actions that run through out the country. First kind is conducted by auction lots and is mostly closed auctions. They are also termed private auctions at times. Only authorized dealers bid in these auctions. Mostly the bidders are used car sellers who buy in lot for their inventory. You might sometimes get a complementary pass to these auctions but then you have to compete with the professionals there. You can also get a dealer for yourself who’d bid on your behalf. But this might take long time, possibly weeks for you dealer to get something of your choice under your specification. But the chances are that you get very good deal and pretty good conditioned car for yourself.

The second type of auto auctions are public auto auctions that you can find locally. Some of these auction lots are hold almost every week. Police garages, impounding lots ad towing services bring about public auto auction. They normally do it to dispose off the old cars in their possession.

These auctions involve vehicles that were impounded due to traffic violations. Waited and never reclaimed by the owners. Public auto auctions for such confiscated cars are held one or week or a month. Buying these cars are good deal because normally these cars are in good condition and if they are from police garages then they are very thoroughly checked for their history and do not have any criminal record.

Another type is a public government auction. These are held by various government agencies like the US Customs, Border Protection and the General Services Administration (GSA). You can find all good quality vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, buses, jeeps, snowmobiles, boats even planes in GSA auctions. The auctioned vehicles are many government surpluses or are remaindered of turnover inventory. Whatever, you can be pretty sure to get very good quality and conditioned vehicles from these auctions. The auctioned vehicles also include government seized vehicles. Luxuries like boats and planes at times, which are confiscated from tax evaders other big criminals.

Any public auction will give an inspection period. Normally it is of a day or two before the auction date but at some times they can also give couple of hours before the auction starts. However, you cannot take any vehicle for test drive even if you intend to buy one. All you get is to sit down behind the wheels and hear the engine roar. You do get the vehicle registration number and you should make a good check on the vehicle history and report form your side before you make the purchase. You can go on the websites like and upon paying some charges can run the vehicles registration number for thorough check. You should be confirmed of the vehicles clean title before you decide on paying for it. This is very important if you do not want to end up with some vehicle that can bring up all troubles in times to come.