Valentine’s Day Party Games

Valentine’s Day is one of the greatest reasons to have a party and many of the party games that we mention below will only add to the fun.
Even if you invite only friends to your party, chances are that many of them will not know each other. You can think of many fun ways in which you can introduce them to all your guests. One way of doing so is to pin a card on each person’s back and as they mingle amongst the crowd, every guest they meet has to leave a comment on the card. After a while, once everyone has had enough time to speak to everyone in the room, they can all sit down and each guest can read the card of the person sitting next to them. Comments can be as common as ‘You have a great smile’ to something funny like ‘You seem to know a lot about the weather’.  Everyone can join in the fun including the person about whom the comments have been written.

A karaoke or singing competition can be ideal for a Valentine’s Day party. Each person is asked to sing a song for his or her companion. Once everybody is done singing, any easy way of deciding who the winner is, is by a show of hands. Invite every individual who has taken part in the competition to come forward and request the guests who want to vote for the person to put up their hands. The person with the maximum show of hands is the winner.

If you are going to be decorating your room with balloons, you will have the chance of playing another great Valentine’s Day game. Take as many slips of paper as there are balloons but write a Valentine’s Day message only on one of them. This could be something as brief as ‘It’s your lucky day!’. Now fold these slips of paper and put them inside each balloon. Use the balloons to decorate your room and attach ribbons to each one of them. Your guests will have to pull down the balloons and stomp them to see if they get one with the written message. The winning guest will get a special prize like movie tickets for two or a special dinner for two at a fancy restaurant, or something similar that both the guest and his or her Valentine can enjoy.

A slight variation of the ‘Guess How Many in the Jar’ can be to place heart-shaped candies in a jar and then circulate it around the room with a slip of paper. Ask your guests to write down the number of hearts they think are in the jar and put it inside a heart-shaped box. Open the box once everybody has had a try – the person, who has guessed a number closest to the number of candies in the jar, wins the jar.

You could also hide a number of Hershey’s Kisses around the room. When you give the signal, your guests and their Valentines have to race around the room to find as many of the Kisses as they can.