Writing Your Resume Objective Statement

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Writing the resume objective statement could be the most difficult stage in the whole resume writing process. And since it is the most difficult, it also open a wide gate for mistakes that would cost every resume writer the chance for a job interview. Therefore, if you are planning to create a resume, focus first on your resume objective statement and everything would follow accordingly.

What is a resume objective?

Resume objective is located at the top-most part of the resume usually below the your name, address, contact number, email address, and sometimes website. It is a short statement stating your desire for the job. Common headings are professional objective, objective or career goals.

Why write a resume objective?

Resume objective serves several purposes. First, it informs the reader of your intention and the position you are applying. Second it summarizes your main qualification that should state the things you can contribute to the organization. And last, it establishes your personal identity as a professional.

Importance of resume objective…

Resume is the first contact you can make to your potential employer and resume objective is the first line the reader would look into next to your name. If you have an excellent resume objective, it could start a spark to your potential employer.

Common resume objective mistakes…

“To have the opportunity to work hard, prove my skill, and be challenged so that my training and education would be utilize.”

What is wrong with this objective statement? Does it contain the right purpose of a resume objective statement? Is it attractive enough to make the reader consider writer for an interview?

All the answers would be a big “NO”. So what’s wrong with this statement? The self-serving words. Because no matter how bad you want a job, if your resume objective contains self-serving words you can never have any chance of getting an interview.

Employers seek applicants who can help improve the present state of their business. They are not there to pamper individuals who want to use their company as another training ground or a refugee camp.

Remember also that the employer is not and will never be interested to what you want.

Making it right…

Resume objective should state what you could do for the company and not the other way around. You can be very specific by stating your contributions to your previous employers. Doing such would give you a good chance in making it to the interview. Say you were able to increase the previous company’s sales by 40%. Don’t be shy to mention it. Wouldn’t the reader be very interested in meeting you face to face if he reads this kind of lines?

Resume objective should have the right ingredient in providing you a paved way towards your goad so better make it right.