Gynecomastia: Advice and Considerations

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Gynecomastia: Advice and Considerations

Breasts and suffering from a condition that deals with female forms of the breasts will not typically be something that men in general are or will be open to discussing wihtout hesitation. They will not bare all and get it off their chest so easily so to speak. (pardon the pun here).

It is hard to talk about or show your breasts to anyone else for that matter and the sensitivity around gynecomastia will ask exactly that and so much more of men as patients, treatment professionals etc. Recognizing, acknowledging that there is a problem, stepping bravely into the realm of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment will require bravery, courage and heriosm – all masculine traits! It is the first step to getting better and finding a solution for coping with female breast enlargement or tissue even the more sever secreting, lactating manifestation of this medical condition.  From a treatment perspective, there has to be some reconciliation and realization that there are others who have gone and are going through the same challenges than you. Tapping into a support group or online chat (anonymous) can all help to overcome this initial discomfort (that might linger despite the fact that you are sharing intimate information and details about yourself and your breats with others). You do not have to feel alone, alienated, ridiculed, humiliated, self-conscious, ashamed and  positively, pro-actively take the necessary steps to begin progressing toward healing. Are you ready to take that first step now?

Gynecomastia is about so much more than merely the presence or development of femalelike mammary glands in a male. It is accompanied by great anxiety, uncertainty and even frustration, anger, despair and self-rejection. At play with this disorder or anomaly, is psychologic stress and self-consciousness. There is also fear, uncertainty and scared emotions flying around. Sufferers need reassurance that this process and outcome will not leave you less of a man, now, later or during, even after the treatment.

Surgical treatments are proven to be the most effective, have results that matter, work and count when it matters most – for example, taking off your shirt at the beach, after!

Operative procedures can include

?    Excision
?    excision with suction-assisted lipectomy (SAL)
?    SAL
?    skin excision
?    skin excision with SAL

According to most medical sources, research, studies and patient-outcome reviews, skin-sparing operations should be the initial procedure chosen for most grade III gynecomastia patients.

topical application of products that contained lavender and tea tree oils might aggravate, worsen and trigger gynecomastia  – avoidance of these and other oils that have estrogenic and antiandrogenic qualities are recommended.