Macadamia Nuts Are Healthy Nuts

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Macadamia Nuts Are Healthy Nuts

If you are looking for a source of mono-unsaturated fats that is free from the harmful cholesterol and at the same time provides energy to the body, you must end your search at macadamia nuts.

These nuts are made up of natural oils, which contain almost 78% of required fats. The macademias are also rich in other nutrients like protein, minerals like potassium and calcium and also a good amount of fibre. The content of sodium and lysine is of a reduced value in these nuts.

Providing Health with Taste
Besides from providing the basic nutrients to the body, there is one more addition in the list of macademia’s list of benefits. They taste really good when consumed in any form.

This means that raw nuts taste as good as the roasted ones and also the ones that are cooked.

This makes it popular to be used in cakes, ice creams, salads and other food items to add that extra flavor to the food. The macadamias nuts could be easily included in the routine diets.

These nuts, like any other tree nuts are highly recommended for a good health and reducing the risks of some deadly diseases.

The macadamia nuts are a mixture of 84% monounsaturated and 3.5% polyunsaturated fats. Also, they contain 12.5%  of saturated fats. The oleic acid and the most desirable paimitoleic fatty acid are present in these nuts that enhance the significance of these nuts as the nutrient providers.

The mono-saturated fats attained from the macadamia nuts have shown appreciable results in reducing the cholesterol from the blood, thereby enhancing the high density lipoproteins and reducing the low density ones.

Moreover, these nuts are free from trans fatty acids. The balance between the omega3 and omega6 fatty acids is just perfect in these nuts, which enhances the process of production of required fatty acids in the body. The mono-saturated fats are easily digested by the body and do not involve the production of harmful biochemicals.

The proteins present in macadamias are full of amino acids that assist in building muscles, tissues and plasma in the blood. The carbohydrates present in these nuts are in the simplest form like saccharides.

These sugars contain a fair amount of glucose, sucrose, maltose and other forms of carbohydrates. Also, there are some materials containing good amount of starch in them. All these nutrients help in providing the required energy to the body.

It has been proved that the people, who consume a fair amount of tree nuts like macadamias, are less prone to health disorders than the people who don’t. Thus, a good amount of such nuts is always recommended in your diet.