Match Your Skin Tone With Hair Coloring

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Match Your Skin Tone With Hair Coloring

A certain hair color which looks splendid over someone may not look equally good with you. The hair color which is selected by us must complement our skin tone too. 

Skin tone, the natural color of hair and eye color are few things which should be considered while selecting hair color. The first thing which is required to be done on your part is that you should determine whether you have a cool skin tone or warm skin tone. This can be done by holding a white paper sheet besides your arm’s inner side while standing near a window. 
 Skin Tone Determination:
•    Warm Skin Tone:
You should also determine whether your skin is primarily tan, gold or peachy or does it have a greenish, cinnamon or gold undertone for medium skinned and brown-skinned people respectively. If this is the case then you have a warm skin tone. 

The color of your eyes may be hazel, red-brown or golden-brown or your eyes might be having a brown or gold fleck. The natural color of your hair during childhood may have been ranging from strawberry blonde, golden blonde to golden brown, red or deep brown having red or gold highlights.

Your hair may start getting casted yellow as it starts to turn gray with age. All these attributes are the specific features of people having a warm skin tone. 

•    Cool Skin Tone:
The arm of people having a cool skin tone appears bluish when held next to white paper sheet. This signifies that your skin has an undertone which is pink in color. The undertone of brown skin is usually black brown or deep brown.

The color of the eyes can be blue, hazel or gray with blue or white flecks, or extremely dark brown. The color of your hair during childhood may have been darker blonde, pale blonde, blue-black or coffee colored or it may have been dark brown to medium which did not appear gold in sun light.

The color of the hair of people having a cool skin tone turns white with graying of hair. 

The labels given on the boxes of hair coloring products give an indication about whether the color is cool or warm. For e.g. ash means cool. 

You can experiment with a variety of colors for highlighting or coloring your hair but you should always take care to ensure that it is in harmony with the natural coloring of your hair.