Why Certain Students Are Bullied

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Prevalent mostly in schools, bullying is a social evil that can ruin anyone’s life. Victims of bullying have been known to take serious steps in an attempt to run from it. While not always possible, schools and educators should take all the steps that are necessary to eradicate this social evil from school premises. Although protection of victims from bullies is a responsibility of educators, in order to protect them from bullies, they should know the type of students that are a target of bullies. If you too are such an educator or just a curious parent who wants to help children at school, this article will help you identify the kinds of students that are targeted by bullies at school.

School is a place where students are away from the eyes of their parents and they can enjoy themselves. While every other kid is enjoying, children who remain shy or have no friend circle are left alone and thus become a favorite target of bullies. While these types of students cry very easily, a simple reassuring hug can fix the damage done by bullying. Weak and easy to bully, such targets are a sweet target for any bully because they guarantee no retaliation and would surrender to crying instead. Add to that the satisfaction that bullies get after seeing their target cry and you can almost figure out that this victim will very soon be the student again.

It is a fact that bullies get a sense of accomplishment by seeing their targets cry or get scared; children who do these things easily satisfy a bully. Common targets of comments from bullies are students who are physically different from others. Overweight students, students who wear glasses, students who are underweight and also students who are physically challenged in some way are a frequent target of bullying. While some bullies only limit themselves to verbal attacks, others will not think twice before using force to showcase their superiority.

While being physically different will land students as a prey to bullies, students who are smarter or not so smart also get walked on by bullies.  Whether you are a kid who knows every answer in math or science class or someone who has to think twice before answering what 2+2 is, you will definitely get a piece of mind from your class bully. Students who are extremely intelligent are stereotyped as nerds and are taunted because of their lack of skills in sports and outdoor activities. Some people also believe that jealousy can be a main cause of such bullying because bullies wish that they were as smart as the person that they are bullying.

Although not that common, bullying related to financial status of a student is also prevalent in many schools. Students who belong to lower income group families have to face comments on dirty shirts, torn shoes and even broken lunch boxes. A solution to this problem is the implementation of school uniforms.

A preventive measure of curbing bullying in schools is to organize programs that need class level participation and promote the feeling of friendship in students.