Adding Some Humor to Your Wedding Speech

Adding Some Humor to Your Wedding Speech

Adding a pinch of humor in your wedding speech will just make the environment more lively. You should know what you are doing and saying and one humorous wedding speech in fact will make you steal the crown.

Being a little humorous might make you look a little stupid in the eyes of some people in little group. But this way you can get attention of the whole room and you feel more comfortable too. Besides it is always good to end up your speech with some happy and smiling faces rather than tears in eyes, even if they are happy tears.

It ‘s really hard to carry out a humorous wedding speech when people are more emotional in the wedding environment. Here are some tips that will help you to come up with some good humor in you wedding speech and be a hero of the reception.

Know your audience
It is very important to know you audience first before you crack up any joke. One joke might be funny to the people of your age group, they might go unnoticed by young children and elderly people might find some of them even offending. So in this place where you are addressing people of different age group, you have to select jokes and punch lines that go good with people of all age groups. Don’t say anything that might be insulting to anybody. Try to generalize whatever you are saying.

Stay away from inside jokes
If you and your friend have some jokes that you find funny, doesn’t mean that it should be funny to everybody else. Your insides joke might be very lame for others. So don’t bring up anything that might be a little high to understand for others. You don’t want half of the hall to think that you are weird.

Relive a funny moment
Reliving a funny moment is good but you shouldn’t get too personalized that others don’t get the joke at all. There is no fun in the room full of hundred when you make out a joke which you and your friend only understand. When you are speaking to the crowd, try talking to them not between you and your friend.

Use a funny one liner
Inserting some one liners in your wedding speech is a good way to make it humorous. In fact you can start and end you speech with some good one liners. But again you have considered your audience. You have to analyze what kind of one liners would do good in that kind of crowd will all variance of age group. You should say anything that might offend anybody and you shouldn’t let them think that you are weird who’s saying just anything in his best friend’s wedding.

If you consider above five tips while writing your best friend’s wedding speech, you’ll just rock the evening and more than that you’ll make the emotionally moved reception little more joyous. Your friend will thank you whole life and will have hard time beating you in your wedding.