Asthma Home Remedies: Dealing With Pets

Asthma Home Remedies: Dealing With Pets

Those that have asthma quite often feel limited in many areas of their lives. Some have to limit their physical activity while others may have to eliminate certain foods. One area that seems particularly difficult is asthma and pets. Many people who suffer from asthma just assume that pets are out of the question. This is not true but pets will require some added precautions.

It is very possible for asthma sufferers to own pets. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t pet hair that is an asthma trigger but the pet dander. Dander is dead skin flakes. It is powerful allergen and can be particularly powerful and harmful in asthma sufferers. To avoid contact with the dander, asthma sufferers should avoid petting their fine furry friend. They should also avoid letting the animal lick them. Most pets lick themselves in order to bathe. When the do this the dander gets into their saliva. This again can produce a very negative reaction especially for asthma sufferers.

If you decide that you must pet your loved one, wash your hands immediately after. This will get the dander off of you and reduce the chances of contact. While you are petting your friend, keep your face well away. Your pet will adjust to this so don’t feel like your neglecting them.

Your pet should be kept out of your bedroom. Even if the pet leaves, its dander will remain. Keep your door closed and keep your bedroom off limits. You should also avoid taking your pet in the car with you. Again, the dander will get into the car and remain. This is a confined space making it even more dangerous.

To keep the dander levels down, bathe you’re pet without soap. Repeat this every other week. This will reduce the around of dander that is kept in the fur, which will reduce the chances of it coming into contact with you. Washing your pet with soap will actually create more dander. This can also lead to dry skin which will make your pet uncomfortable.

It is very possible for asthma sufferers to own pets. By using some common sense and making some small adjustment, you and your pet can live happily together while you remain healthy.