California – A Haven for Bird Watching

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Bird watchers should not be mistaken for ornithologists because the latter are into the scientific study of the bird species while the former do such with mere observation through the eyes. Bird watching is a popular hobby in California because the place has many sites wherein you could enjoy such.

Birder’s Delight
This is how enthusiasts claim California to be. The place’s almost perfect nature, with the palm trees or pine trees surrounding it, the tundra foliage at over 14,000 feet at the peak of the Sierras, and deep down 282 feet that is below sea level, Death Valley has its cactuses.

Such scenario makes the place one happy habitat for birds and one must-see destination for bird watchers.

Species Variety
California is a habitat for about 600 species of birds. With such variety, a person who loves this activity will never be bored in this place. And while you’re out there looking for the birds and waiting to observe the many different kinds of it, California offers such scenic spots that would make you feel at one with nature.

No wonder how the birds flock over to this spot. The place really is a natural habitat that people must also feel responsible keeping it the way it is, respecting every creature even the birds.

As an enthusiast, you have plenty of spots to choose from when in California to see those birds while feasting your eyes with the beauty of your surroundings.

King Range National Conservation Area
This is located in San Francisco and home to an array of natural habitats such as an estuary, the evergreen forest, the riparian spots along the streams of freshwater, a captivating coastal prairie among others. At this place, you’ll find bird species like the woodpeckers, swifts, hummingbirds, even ducks and geese, pelican, terns, loons. And this is just few of the long list of the different birds habituating the area.

Bodega Bay
This is located in the Sonoma County. You’ll mostly find sandpipers and also terns in August, and September and October are hectic months for bird watchers because this is the time when the migrants arrive in the area, both the shorebirds and those that are on land.

Sierra Mountains
This can be found in between California and Nevada. Such mountainous vicinity is home to many bird varieties like the American Pipits, the Western Bluebirds, Palm Warblers, chats, vireos, Indigo Buntings. And this list is only a few of the many kinds of birds that one will be able to find here making this a birder’s favorite.

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve
Located in San Bernardino County, the greenery surrounding the spot really is the key why some 266 native kinds of birds flock around and have been recorded on the area. The place has rich vegetation and is being surrounded with desert slopes. The reason for that is because it is situated between two deserts, Mojave and the Sonoran.

The list for hot spots for those who are into bird watching in California is long and you have a wide array to choose from. The Web is a vast resource of information if you’d still want to know more about some more places, even where to go about it and the list of bird species that you can find in it.