Catching A Guinea Pig That Escapes

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Catching A Guinea Pig That Escapes

Having a guinea pig as a pet is a wonderful experience. Guinea pigs often feel like cute little fur balls with whom you can play an entire evening. Guinea pigs unlike many other pets have very limited requirements like a small cage and marginal food and medicinal requirements and barely cause any issues for their owners.

The only significant problem that is experienced by people, who have guinea pigs at home, as pets, is to keep their fur balls inside their cages. Many people have complained of an escaped guinea pig within weeks of buying one! Finding a pet who has escaped from his shelter is a daunting task for all pet lovers. For people with guinea pigs as pets, the problem is only aggravated by the fact that because of their shape, size and rodent like orientation they can go anywhere there is a crack or an opening.

Chances are that you will not find your guinea pig in his cage when you return from work, and the blame will go to the good old latch. To avoid letting your guinea pig out because of a simple mistake like not fastening the cage latch, go for cages with self fastening spring latches.

Catching a guinea pig who has escaped from his hatch is a difficult task, especially for guinea pig owners that are new to pet care. Patience is the key in finding a pet that has got loose. Many veteran guinea pig owners believe that using food and treats as bait for catching the guinea pig is effective. Many others use familiar sounds like that of a food container to indicate the “food time”, this serves as an indication to the guinea pig to go and receive his food.

Catching the guinea pig should be done with caution. Do not move too fast or with a loud noise, doing this could scare an already scared guinea pig. It should be noted that, finding himself in an unfamiliar environment, the guinea pig would be scared or nervous and anything that would scare him should be avoided. It would be very difficult to bring a scared guinea pig out again. It is also a good idea to keep the cage of the guinea pig open; guinea pigs are known to have returned to their cages all by themselves.

While placing food for the guinea pig in your house, it should be noted, not to serve the food in a place where the food attracts other animals, if this happens you would have problems, as it may pose all sorts of dangers to your guinea pig. Many times it is advisable to find traces of fur which would indicate the place your guinea pig has chosen to visit frequently, placing food and waiting with patience could prove fruitful.

Lastly, best of luck in finding your guinea pig, remember, all you need is a pair of hands or a net, good reflexes and a lot of patience to get your guinea pig back to where it belongs.