Collagen Elastin Skin Remedies

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Collagen is an important part of the protein that makes our skin. While collagen is required by our body to replace and regenerate dead skin cells, the amount of collagen that our body produces, decreases with time. Just because the body is no longer able to repair its skin as efficiently as earlier, it results in wrinkles and sagging skin as we age.
There are many treatments available for performing collagen therapies. External methods like creams, lotions and injections are available for users wanting cosmetic changes but sometimes there are users who need it for medical reasons. There are many effective collagen skin remedies that do not even contain use of any collagens and elastins. The use of nutrients and naturally occurring ingredients that stimulate the growth of collagens is prevalent in the current collagen elastin therapy.

Human body has an amazing architecture. It can efficiently repair dead or damaged cells, tissues and muscle fibers automatically. While everything from repair to growth is programmed in the DNA of a cell, this DNA programming becomes weak as we grow old. Free radicals are naturally present in our body, while they perform their functions properly; they start to harm the body itself if they are not balanced with an equal number of antioxidants.

These free radicals only know how to deal with simple things. Such molecules act strangely when they are faced with toxins and UV radiation. Their activities must be counteracted with antioxidants or they will harm the cellular membrane along with the collagen, elastin fibers and cell DNA. Cells divide to form new cells, when a cell with defective DNA forms two new cells they have a different cell program to follow. This variation is the primary cause of wrinkle formation, cell death and cancerous growth. Collagen elastin skin remedy should contain antioxidants so as to allow maximum skin absorption.

While there are many effective collagen elastin remedies available, one of the most effective solution is a NANOLIPOBELLE HEQ10. This is so effective because it contains vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 in customized form. Because of their smaller size, the molecules of these antioxidants are able to penetrate the cell membrane. Lotions with normal sized antioxidants are not effective for collagen treatment because they cannot be absorbed due to their bigger size.

Elastins and collagens are proteins that are too large to penetrate the surface of the skin. Only by penetrating through the initial 4-5 layers of the epidermis, these proteins are able to reach the fiber layer. Keratin is one of the most sort after ingredient that can be readily used by the skin for regeneration. It is very important for a manufacturer to include the right ingredients in his collagen remedy and that too in the right form. Weather it is a dietary supplement or a skincare cream, every ingredient in a collagen remedy should be carefully thought and researched and should be labeled bio-available. Bio-available is a term commonly used to state that the ingredients are readily absorbed by the body cells.

Many ‘bio-available’ collagen elastin skin remedies can give relief from itching, reduce redness, heal dermatitis and inflammation of skin along with increasing the cells and collagens that are present in the body. They also effectively provide moisture and improve firmness of the skin.