Cracks In A Family Unit

In recent years, trends in family life have changed a bit all around the globe. All the cultures promote the family life and all of these cultures appreciate close relationships between the members of a family. But in the recent past it has been apparent that family life is not that important to many people now. This is very important overall. If you look at the demographic figures of any country, the most important figure which is considered to be the most relevant indicator of peace and harmony existing in a society is the existence of family units. The family unit is the most important group of people in anyone’s life, especially when you are a kid. People learn a lot from the family environment, and the ties which exist between the members of a family are responsible in building a person. The way he or she will behave as an adult is very much a result of the family life experience a person has had as a kid. It is a big social problem that now our family unit is not very important to people. The importance in the society is still there; it is even more than yesterday. But to individuals family is not as important as it used to be. Almost the cultures and societies are experiencing these cracks in the family unit. It is our turn now to understand how damaging these cracks can be to our culture.

The disadvantages of not having the strong ties with your family members can only be understood by taking a look at the advantages which strong family ties give to a society and to a culture. In different parts of the world, the way families live is different. In the more developed regions of the world it is no longer the typical and traditional family. It is a bit different than that now. People are responsible for each other, but to a much lesser extent. This results in a lack of sense of responsibilities, and those individuals can damage our society.

The cracks in a family unit can affect the culture and society. It has been observed that crime rate is higher in the countries where people do not consider their families to be too important to them. In such cultures people usually start working for themselves as soon as they can. This is a good thing at one end, as due to this the country achieves economic stability. On the other hand this practice is dangerous as people become too independent and there remains no meaning in the concept of family ties.

This is the time we should question ourselves what the effects are of loosened family ties to our society and culture. When you look in this matter in detail you observe that people may have earned a bit more space for themselves by being independent and by being able to earn more, but there is generally a lock of satisfaction in the world of today. As you start believing in not doing things for others and doing everything for yourself, you start losing the zest for life.

The cracks in family units may develop due to the lack of understanding between the family members. It is not healthy. You must talk to each other; you must discuss and decide what is to be done. But the goal for all the family members should be to bring your family even closer.