Ensuring the Success of Your Feature Film with Actors

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The final area that many filmmakers worry about is actually finding actors. This is a huge problem though because often you are then left grasping at straws and looking for someone to fill a role just to fill it. This could have devastating results on your movie and can really pull down the entire atmosphere of your whole movie. Instead, it is very important to start looking for great actors very early into the process. The exact point you should start looking for actors may vary a bit, but there are several guidelines that you should follow to help ensure the best results possible.

Start looking for actors while the script is still in process. This will allow you plenty of time to start looking at all of the different actors that are available. Not all actors that you find will be suitable for your project, plus not all actors that are available are going to be really interested in your project. It is very important to ensure that any actors you are considering are completely committed to your project. While this does not mean that you should look for actors who are only working on your project, you do need to look for actors who are interested in being a part of a very successful experience. It is possible for actors to work on several films at once, especially for smaller films but they should still show your film ample professional respect.

Looking around for actors should be a very structured process. Look for someone who is professional, this means though that you should feel free to look for some actors who just act as a hobby since they can often be a great resource to tap into. With cheaper prices than actual professional actors, a good hobby actor can be a great asset to your budget. You can also look around at some of your friends as well; you might find someone who is interested in getting started at acting this way. Just be sure to let each potential actor look over all of the details of the script that you feel comfortable releasing so that they can get a good feel for the character and you can see how well they fit the part of that character as well.

If you are interested in trying to create a truly spectacular movie and do not want anyone to talk about it with anybody else you need to consider having your actors sign a NDA or non-disclosure agreement. This would prevent anyone from discussing details of your movie with anyone else that is not directly related to the project. If you are planning to enter a contest for example, this might be a good idea so that your movie is kept entirely secret until it is actually submitted. This would prevent someone from stealing your ideas and potentially damaging your movie. Just be careful asking friends to sign a NDA, they may be offended that you would even ask. Friendship should always be a primary concern even over the safety of your friends if you expect to still have friends when the movie is over.

If you are still struggling with the task of coming up with actors there are plenty of ways you can find people. You can search around at the local theaters, post ads, ask friends and even look at the local acting classes. If you have a performing arts school in your area this would be another great way to find some wonderful acting talent. The benefit of most of these places is the fact that you are able to save a lot of money in your budget typically. Many people, especially students will work on films for free, because they are gaining a lot of experience, which is much more valuable for them.

If you are paying for actors, ensure that you have an adequate budget to pay. Plus, you also need to ensure that you are able to fulfill any agreements that you make with actors. Nothing will harm your reputation as a filmmaker more than having actors who are upset because you never follow through on promises. If necessary you should write down all promises so that you can remember what you promise to each actor, just be sure that the promises are reasonable to fulfill.

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