Flowering House Plants

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Flowering House Plants

Gardening is an art that is loved by most of the people around the world. Apart from outdoor gardening, many people love doing indoor gardening in the form of placing indoor houseplants. The most popular among the houseplants are the ones with flowers. Available in a variety of colors and species, flowering houseplants can really make your home look like a beautiful place. However, selecting such flowering houseplants is not an easy task for those who have never bought them before, so we are here to share some useful tips and ideas for placing such colorful flowering houseplants.

Tips for Flowering Houseplants

Remember few tips before buying flowering houseplants from a local nursery or a nearby grocery store. Following the below-mentioned tips, in fact will help you selecting the most colorful and long lasting flowering houseplants:
* Try to buy houseplants that are still in buds or whose flowers have not fully bloomed.
* Do consider the weather and season in which you buy the flowering houseplants and whether you will be able to give the plant that required temperature in which it blooms its best.
* Before buying a flowering plant, do consider where you would like to place it, in home or office. Depending upon your requirement, discretion should be exercise in purchase.

Three Factors about the life of Flowering Houseplants

Life of any flowering houseplant depends on three main factors, namely, ethylene, heat and bloom age. Mentioned below are three best ways with which you can enjoy your flowering houseplants’ blooms for a longer duration:
* Try to buy the flowering houseplants as fresh as you can.
* Try to keep your flowering houseplants away from ethylene gas and ripening fruits.
* Try to keep your flowering houseplants away from heat.

List of Flowering Houseplants

For those of you who wish to place some really beautiful flowering houseplants but don’t know which one to buy, we present you with a list of such plants:
* African Violet: Available in several colors and grows furry leaves and flowers.
* Air Plant: Available in unique colors and changes its color after blooming.
* Aluminum Plant: Available in green and dark brownish gold colors and is quick in growing.
* Baby Tears Plant: Available in mound like shape and drapes out of the container.
* Bird of Paradise: Available in orange and blue color and grows long stems.
* Boston Fern: Available in green and golden colors and is known for its long stems.
* Starfish Flower: Available in velvety brown color and bears a beautiful star-shape.
* Cactus Care: Available in many varieties and is a low maintenance plant.
* Cattleya Orchid: Available in beautiful colors and also known as corsage orchid.
* Elephant Bush: Available in small-leaf variety and can grow up to six feet.
* Freesia: Available in cream, white and yellow colors, this plant grows fragrant and funnel-shaped beautiful flowers.
* Gardenia: Available in white colors, this plant grows perfumed flowers.
* Zebra Plant: Available in shiny deep-green color.