From Horsebreaking To Natural Horsemanship

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From Horsebreaking To Natural Horsemanship 

Anyone interested in learning horse breaking methods which were used in the earlier days can watch western movies for getting an idea. Today, better ways are available for this which are far kinder.  

Moving Away From Breaking Horses:
Horse breaking methods are concerned with training horses but the term breaking seems to suggest that force is involved in this method.

Two methods are usually adopted for training horses, the new and the old.

Old techniques are still widely prevalent today but they have been refined as well as altered with the passage of time. These techniques do not involve hurting the horses anymore. This signifies a huge paradigm shift from the earlier days when horses were tied up to fences for long hours until they gave up all of their fight for breaking free.

Nowadays, humans have developed friendlier ways of working with horses rather than dominating them. 

Natural Horsemanship:
The new training method is referred by the term natural horsemanship. These methods are not entirely new; only the way of following these methods and the trend has changed.

Natural horsemanship does not involve forceful submission of horses to humans. In these methods, humans try and understand the manner of communicating with horses through their own language for the purpose of becoming their leader by gaining their respect and trust. Irrespective of the method which is adopted for training horses, you should understand that respect and not violence will help you in making the horse obey you. 

Green Horses:
Training green horses is probably the most challenging task faced by trainers. The term green horse is used for referring to those horses that have got no prior training experience and are unbroken. They are usually found to be more challenging and bold as compared to other horses. You might be tempted to use force for training these horses. People often opt for buying green horses because they cost less. Knowledgeable and experienced trainers are required for training these horses. 

It can be easily understood that using cruel methods for driving horses into submission can never be effective for building an eternal partnership and bonding. Training a horse by following humane methods will always be more effective as these makes the horses easy to handle.

By doing this, you are laying a proper foundation for building a relationship of respect and trust between you and your horse. This is essential for extracting the best performance out of your horse.