How To Season Your New Cigar Humidor

How To Season Your New Cigar Humidor

A new humidor does not mean that you must place cigars within it immediately. It has to be kept awhile before you may actually store cigars within it.  The humidification system has two parts to it-the humidification device, and the cedar within it provides both, humidity and taste to the cigars.  You need to season the kiln dried Spanish Cedar wood inside to keep the right humidity for the cigars.  If the cedar has not been seasoned, the wood will actually rob moisture off the cigars, and dry them out

These steps enumerated below need to be followed:

1.  To get your cigars used to your humidor, what you require is some distilled water, a dirt free soft cloth and a little bit of patience for a few days for setting it up.  An important fact to be kept in mind is that tap water should never be used instead of distilled water.  With distilled water moisten the interiors of the humidor, using the damp cloth to swab the lid, dividers and trays.  Just wiping it down is sufficient, soaking it is not an option.

2.  Fill the humidification device with distilled water.  Make sure that the device is not overly saturated by letting any excess water drip out (into a sink), then wipe off any drops of water on the outside of the humidification device and place the device inside the humidor.  Close the lid and leave it for a few hours. 

Repeat the process, and leave the humidor closed overnight.  The next day check your hygrometer for a reading of around 70% humidity.

3.  Humidors must maintain an ideal humidity of 68-70% for the maturing process.

4.  In the event that hygrometer records less than 62% humidity levels, the first step must be repeated.  The wood must be prepared more than a single time.  The seal must also be checked to see if tight or not.

5.  The humidor has to be removed from the vicinity of direct or excessive heat.

Cigars should be kept in the humidor at a temperature of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit accompanied by humidity levels varying between 68 to 72 percent. 

During transition of seasons, it is problematic to maintain a constant humidity level.  Humidity and others factors within the house, and surroundings, considerably influence the functioning of the cigar humidor’s humidification system.

Using appliances such as air conditioners, heaters and keeping windows open can radically alter the level of humidity within a house for a small amount of time, making either an easier or more difficult task of maintaining optimal level of humidity in the humidor. 

Additionally, other aspects like air circulation and exposure to direct sunlight also serves to lower humidity levels.