Link Building

Want to earn money without going through the hassles of commuting to an office and spending eight to nine hours? Then, just arrange for a computer and an Internet connection and earn through link building. Yes, you can earn even more than you could in a full time job through link building, if you know exactly how to do that. Read on to learn how to make money from home with link building.
Linking Site: The first and the most common way of earning money through link building is through linking the sites. Keep in mind that links are just like business sources or contacts. So, in case, you wish to earn money from home through them, you first have to select the linking sites very carefully. Try to select the sites with their own backlinks.

Backlinks From Authority Sites: Remember you will be successful if you succeed in receiving more backlinks from authority sites. In other words, search engines usually take the backlinks to your sites from other sites that vote for your sites. If a high traffic-grabbing site has a link to your site, it will help raising the traffic to your site too.

Use Directories: Using directories is yet another strategy to earn from home with link building. Try to search and be a part of top directory projects and Yahoo Directory in order to gain link building. The point to do so is to get important link popularity for your website or blog through these directories.

Article Marketing: You can also rely on article marketing for making big money from home with link building. All you need to know about it is that you have to write articles with links in the about the author box, which is also known as anchor text. This way, the search engines will increase the ranking of your site on the result page of the mentioned keyword. In other words, it will result in more and more backlinks and more and more chances of making money through them.

Blog Commenting: Blog commenting helps building backlinks in an innovative way. Not only backlinks, it helps in establishing your site or blog as a brand and in bringing more and more visitors to it. Try to pick popular blogs and comment on them, in return you will see they will comment on your blog and as a result you will receive backlinks and more traffic than before.

Other Tips

Apart from the above-mentioned ways of earning money through link building, you can try the following tips too:

  • Guest posting on other blogs.
  • Creating Squidoo lenses.
  • Using reciprocal links with other websites.
  • Buying some reviews.
  • Asking webmaster for link exchange.
  • Throwing a relevant link to craiglist.
  • Asking some questions in forums to add your blog as a forum signature.
  • Renting links for Text-Link Ads.

So, now we assume that you have got enough knowledge of how to make money from home through link building.