Measuring Call Centers Efficiency

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Ever thought about how various call centers go about measuring their efficiency? Since call centers as their name suggests, these centers are where calls are made for customer care. So the way they measure their efficiency is also related to calls. They calculate their efficiency on a simple formula of the higher the actual profit margin, the more efficient their call center is supposed to be. This is just an overview of how these call centers measure their efficiency, read on to know more about it.

Checking Per Call Expense

The first way of measuring a call center’s efficiency is to check its per call expense. Per call expense of a call center can be checked by analyzing its telephone bills that comes from the telecommunication service providers. Once the bill is obtained, then the cost of equipment and expenses of other services are also added in it. You will be surprised to know that these telephone bills and other services form just a small part of the total per call expense. Most of the expense of a call goes as labor cost. Labor costs includes:

  • Employee wages
  • Paid Incentives
  • Benefits

Cutting Labor Cost

By now it may be clear to you that the efficiency of a call center can be measured by cutting the labor cost. Apart from this raising the employee efficiency levels is an important area that needs to be dealt while measuring and improving the efficiency of a call center. Following are the ways of cutting labor cost:

  • Maximize the call center agent time.
  • Raise the number of calls an agent makes in an hour per day.
  • Establish daily quotas in order to increase the time and agent utilization.

All these methods look easy but have certain drawbacks like poor quality of calls, as agents will be pressurized to take more and more calls, so what needs to be done? Read on to get an answer to this.

Call Center Efficiency With Cost Per Call Metrics

When all methods fail to measure the efficiency of a call center, there comes relief with the method of cost per call metrics. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that this is the best way to measure a call center’s efficiency. All you need to do is determine an overall efficiency by keeping a track of an agent’s number of calls made per day. Believe it or not, cost per call metrics is a sure shot way of measuring an individual as well as the whole call center’s efficiency.

Recourse To Lower Labor Costs

Often the results generated by cost per call metrics in call centers reveal inefficiency. Due to which, call centers are seen compelled to take recourse to some other ways like choosing places with lower labor cost. They choose outsourcing in countries where the labor cost is comparatively low than what they are paying at present.

So, one thing is clear enough and that is cost per call metrics is an excellent way to measure a call center’s efficiency.