Motivating Call Center Staff

By , in Call Centers.

According to Zig Ziglar, “People say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why you should do it often!” The wisdom in this statement is particularly true in the case of call centers as these are high-stress workplaces with extremely monotonous work.  Well let’s looks at what can motivate people in your call center to work towards better customer satisfaction.

Essentially call center agents are motivated by fair compensation for their work, recognition of their efforts, and respect. As all these factors are determined by the agents’ productivity and quality of service and invariably these two should be among the most important goals in a call center. Also, it would be a good idea to ensure that your agents know their productivity and quality targets clearly so that they can work towards achieving these targets and in turn have a higher number of satisfied customers to their credit.
Further, provide several training courses, including courses on basic and advanced communications skills and dispute handling methods to educate your agents on how to effectively handle even the most difficult of customers. These courses should focus on sharing the best industry practices with the agents and should recognize excellence. Further, the courses should also encourage the right behavior and performance. These courses should give the agents tips on how to improve quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.
Incentives and periodic rewards can go a long way in motivating your agents to go that extra mile in order to achieve better customer satisfaction. Offer monetary incentives or better growth prospects within the call center to overachievers and see the increase in the number of overachievers. Whenever possible, promote from within. These promotions reinstill the agents’ faith in the growth prospects you promise in return for excellent performance. Other reward initiatives can include giving out lunch vouchers, movie tickets, a paid off, gift cards, etc. You could even have a set of such rewards and let the top performers take their pick.
Recognize good performance and spread the word. Pride in one’s work is an excellent motivator. Therefore, when an agent does an outstanding job, communicate this with the entire team or if possible the entire organization. You could perhaps have a nice poster announcing the achievement put up in the common area or have performance-based awards every quarter to recognize the top performers. Either ways let the achievement be known to all; this will inspire others to follow suit and create an atmosphere of healthy competition.
Finally, the one thing that works best at motivating and retaining agents is a great work environment. Your agents should look forward to coming to work. Therefore, ensure that the operating environment is warm, welcoming, and above all fair. Create an environment where your agents feel appreciated and their concerns are addressed on a timely basis. Add the fun element to the workplace and create opportunities for the employees to get to know each other. The more comfortable they feel at work, the better they will concentrate on handling the customers well. After all, only a happy employee can lead to a happy customer.