Patience A Key In Natural Horsemanship

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Patience A Key In Natural Horsemanship

Time is required for properly learning the technique of training horses using the method of natural horsemanship. You will gain proficiency and expertise in this technique only after gaining certain experience. Hence, patience is the key for becoming a good natural horseman.

Be Patient:
Patience is an extremely essential requirement for building a good relationship based on the pillars of respect and trust with our horse. This partnership can never be established overnight and a certain amount of time definitely gets consumed in going through the various stages essential for establishing this partnership. 

Begin by assuming that no one has ever ridden your horse or even if someone has, it would have been very little. This assumption will make us mentally prepared about the fact that some time will be consumed before our horse becomes what we desire it to be.

Natural horsemanship is probably the best method for providing proper training to your horse. 
 300 Hours:
Horses approximately take about 300 riding hours before eventually becoming comfortable with the fact that some person is sitting on their back.

Don’t try to exhaust your horse by going for extended sessions of riding everyday. Ideal case would be to ride it daily for about 1 hour. If you do this for about 5 days every week then the time required for completing 300 hours would be slightly more than a year.

Consistence and Persistence:
Continuity must be maintained in this training schedule. If you go on breaking the riding sessions such as after putting in 20 riding hours, you do not do any riding till the next 6 months and then again you put in 40 riding hours before stopping for another 6 months.

Then, when you begin again, you complete the remaining hours for attaining the 300 hour mark. Such training will result in a lot of time being consumed before your horse eventually starts feeling comfortable with someone on its back.

Hence, your training should be completed in one go for quickly completing the requisite 300 hours. Not only patience but, consistence and persistence are also essential for quickly accomplishing your goals. 

The horse can be taken from the green broke stage to the stage of being a safe, dependable and solid partner by training the horse with natural horsemanship methods.

This usually requires you to put in another 1,100 hours. You should always remember that the process of improving a horse never finishes and it is a lifetime phenomenon.