Potty Training Kit

Potty training is quite a challenge for everybody. There has never been a parent to know how to do this by himself or herself and be successful in no time. Therefore specialists and pediatricians have thought of various formulae to help parents potty train their children.

One that is very famous and seems to appeal a lot to parents is potty training in one day. In order to be able to apply this method, however, you need to buy a potty training kit that will guide you through the training you are offering. The potty training kit consists of a doll, some doll pants or underwear, feeding bottle for the doll and the potty training book for the parents.

The doll can be either a boy or a girl and anatomically it is made to look like us. It should be able to be fed either while it sits or lies down and to pee both sitting down and standing. Since the doll will use water it is important that it should not have batteries simply for the safety of your child. Regularly the potty training kit has a doll that wears diapers under its clothes.

As for the pants or the underwear in the potty training kit, those are for the doll. It is important that the potty training kit should have these, as you have to show the child that the doll is big enough to wear big kid pants or underwear now, so that you can ask the child to accept getting rid of his own diapers as it is done with the doll’s. When the diapers are removed from the doll you and the child are supposed to dress the doll in the pants or the underwear and throw a party as a reward. The pants and the party are the reward that the child will also receive if he goes potty like the doll.

Last but not least, the potty training kit should have some feeding bottles. If you want the doll to pee, then first you have to feed it. This way the child will also learn that feeding will eventually lead to eliminating the liquids and that it is normal to want to go potty after drinking and eating the important meals of the day.

All in all, the potty training kit is very useful for potty training your child. It is associated with the fastest method there is in teaching your child how to use the toilet or the pot.