Potty Training Reward Charts

If you are among the parents forced to resort to potty training, you have to consider a number of factors that will contribute to the success of your enterprise. Have you ever thought that rewarding your child for his /her achievements in learning and training to use the potty is essential, the key to successful training, actually? Well, it is.

And you will not only this from ordinary people, parents like you, who have gone through the difficult task of potty training, but also from specialists ? pediatricians and psychologists. The process itself is not sufficient unless you use the completion stage, namely the potty training reward charts, to record the times when the child sat on the potty and peed and pooped in it. What are potty training reward charts? As their names tell, potty training reward charts are devices meant to record children’s successful uses of the potty.

They are made of paper or card, or they can be laminated. They are like chess boards with squares on them. Potty training reward charts come with stickers or stars that you place in the squares as signs of the success of the child to use the potty. You can also create the potty training reward charts yourselves, adapting them to the needs and preferences, as well as to the gender of your child.

Yet the potty training reward charts that you can find in stores or on the internet ?free, downloadable, have been designed to suit the needs of different children. They come in different colors and patterns which makes it quite easy for you to find the right one that will please your child.

There has always been debate on whether to reward or not to reward a child, not only for using or not using the potty, but for things he does or does not do. The debate mentioned above started from the fact that rewarding a child with sweets or toys or other objects given to him might spoil him. As a result people have come up with these potty training reward charts which have the effect of encouraging and praising the child not “bribing”, and consequently spoiling, the child. If, instead of using potty training reward charts you decide on using sweets or other things, the child will probably develop deviant behavior.

He will only act if rewarded. Besides potty training reward charts, you can also consider using other types of incentives to help your child reach the potty training goals. Praise the child or give him a favorite snack. Read your child a story or let him flush the potty. Anyway, no matter what you have in mind to reward the child do not forget that they don’t need to be elaborate or expensive.