Quick Guide to Personal Budgeting

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What makes budgeting hard is the fact that you would also have to think of the welfare of the other people who are living with you, if in case there are others with you. If you live alone, then good for you because the only dillemma you have is budgeting for your personal needs. This is where personal budgeting kicks in.

Personal budgeting is when you allot certain amounts for your personal needs. It is not as difficult as simply budgeting because you don’t have to worry about whether other people would find your way of living livable or not. The first thing that you budget for yourself is, of course, food. Without food, you would not acquire the energy that you need to do the things you do daily. This fact, alone, makes food the most important necessity, which summarizes that it must be the first thing you should concentrate your budget on. If you are really determined to save, you can stay alive by eating on a strict diet. A diet not necessarily for you, but for your wallet. Personal budgeting would make crackers and a glass of milk do for a meal, depending on your level of determination.

You budget enough money for your house, may it be a condominium unit or an apartment. What it is doesn’t matter, what matters is how livable it is. Personal budgeting doesn’t just focus on money. It does focus mainly on money but should also not neglect the ambience of your chosen residence. For those who live alone, then you have to be more considerate and more price-meticulous of the place that you will live in.

You also only need to live in a place that has space for only one person. Living in a big house alone is very insensible and costly. Definitely not the result price budgeting would want to have. For those who live under their family’s roof, then you do not have the weight of paying rent on your shoulders. You could, however, help your family in acquiring money that can be of much help for your rental payments.

You could save money by buying clothes that are sold from bargains. This way, you get to have the kind of clothes that you want to have without paying a big amount for it. By that, there is no suggestion that you buy those cheap imitations. There are plenty of nice clothes that are not branded and sold at a low price. By that, also, there is no suggestion that you should not purchase items from Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, and the like. But you must admit that paying a hundred dollars for a pear of underwear is very impractical. Personal budgeting could help you avoid overspending.

For electricity, you could budget by not over-using your air-conditioners or your other technological innovations at home. When you do not feel hot, then the electric fan must be turned off. You should not submit yourself to living extravagantly. And in the case of personal budgeting, living extravagantly is certainly out of the question.

Water is very essential in, not only your life, but also everyone’s life. Without it, many basic things cannot be done. Personal budgeting could make some things possible even with a short supply of water. You can ration your little supply of water efficiently. The water you have used in taking a bath can still be used for the cleaning the bathroom or for washing and brushing the dirt off your shoes.

The money allotted for transportation should be handled sensibly. As much as possible, you must avoid purchasing very expensive car models. Second-hand cars are enough to take you around the state. You can also ride taxis if the money you have allotted for gasoline isn’t jiving with the money left in your wallet. If, still, the money you must pay for riding taxicabs or the subway is too much for your budget, then you can just walk to your destination. Personal budgeting doesn’t only help you in terms of saving money but it also helps you in other areas.

Personal budgeting can help you be more independent. You learn to lean on your own shoulder, which is hard to do, mind you. And you also learn to be more resourceful. You get to use things that you never imagined you would use, and discover many uses that a certain thing can have. You learn to be satisfied with what is present with you and not anymore wish to possess other things that you know you just cannot possibly purchase.

Personal budgeting makes you more industrious. Instead of living a sedentary lifestyle, you work for your stomach and try not to spend much on leisure. It makes you love yourself more. You learn to prioritize yourself and your needs. If personal budgeting is handled the right way, then you may not become a selfish person. But if it is handled the wrong way, then there is a big possibility that you would think only of yourself and no one more.

Conclusively, personal budgeting has many effects on individuals. It not only helps you save money but it also transforms you into a better person by realizing traits that you never knew you possessed before.