The Art Body Building

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The Art Body Building

There are various kinds of bodybuilding but at the basic level all of them involve growing muscle hypertrophy to the greatest extent possible by means of a proper diet, regular rest and proper weight training. Bodybuilding is considered by many as a means of beautifying the body, in much the same way as a temple is beautified with carvings. But while many engage in body building simply due to the fun involved in it many others are into competitive bodybuilding and regularly participate in body building contests where their physique and appearance is judged by a series of judges.

Bodybuilding at a competitive level often involves obtaining, developing and preserving a well-worked out, aesthetically pleasing body and balanced physique. All competitive bodybuilders work towards certain standards set in the circuit and thereby try and prepare themselves according to what judges at a contest might expect them to be like.

Competitive bodybuilding lays a lot of emphasis on posing in various ways so as to show off every muscle in the body. Body builders practice all the poses they assume during the shows while preparing themselves.

Right posture, posing and of course the right amount of development of the muscles is what earns favor with the judges at these contests.

A body builder need not be particularly strong! It’s true, despite being expected to be engaged in rigorous weight training bodybuilders are not ultimately judged according to their strength but rather according to the shape and size of their body.

All those who engage in bodybuilding, even at an amateur level know how taxing it is. Bodybuilders all over the world not only have a stringent exercise regime, but also a rigorous diet. Above all however it is the level of their discipline which helps them clinch matters and earn a body worth showing off in a contest.

Bodybuilding is nothing like sports such as weight or power lifting because, as we mentioned previously, it lays less emphasis on the strength of the muscles acquired and more on how aesthetically pleasing the muscles and the whole form of the body is. Thus either sport is based on totally different fundamental principles and can therefore hardly be compared.  

Bodybuilding is of various types. There is of course female bodybuilding, which has gained popularity with time, then there is teenage body building, natural body building and of course the regular professional bodybuilding.

Professional bodybuilding is all about participating (and then winning) competitions authorized by the IFBB. Only if the builder manages to go through with the qualifying rounds of these at an amateur level and thereby earn a ‘professional card’ can he/she  hope to participate in contests of the kind. Once they win these contests the builder will be given a chance to participate in the Mr. Olympia contests, which is deemed to be the greatest title in this field.

The popularity of teenage and female bodybuilding is a recent factor and shows how popular the sport has become with both teenagers as well as women. Teenage bodybuilding is really a stepping-stone for future bodybuilders, most of who begin on their quest to bodybuilding fame and fortune during their teenage years.