Top Mutual Funds is Not That Top

By , in Mutual Funds.

Investing on mutual funds could be the better way to place your money compared to stock market. Many reasons support this. One those is the diversification. It is the act wherein your shares are invested on several companies mainly for protection. Another thing is professional management. Professional managers manage your shares to give it better chances of gaining interest. The professional managers work, advice or decide in your behalf what to do with your shares. Mutual funds also give you the advantage of starting with small investment and work your way up gradually.

With these reasons, mutual funds become very attractive than ever before. And with the addition of mutual fund ratings offering attractive figures to those who are interested in venturing in the industry, mutual funds keep on pulling more and more individuals as well as institutions. But as experience would tell, not everyone end up winners. Some would lose their investments due to miscalculations on where to place the investments.

One reason could be blamed on the total dependence of most newcomers to top mutual funds rating being offered by several financial magazines and subscription newsletters. This is the common mistake that must be totally avoided so as not to create disillusion on the industry. Mutual fund rating should only start as figure and not as projections.

But then, the figures, rankings, and ratings are very promising on the first look. If taken mistakenly and becomes the basis of the future investments, the result would be tragic. Because as far as top mutual funds rating is concerned, they are just there to present the past and the present figure and do not intend to predict the future performance of mutual funds.

Observation alone would tell that top mutual funds rating are not reliable in predicting results. Go to Morningstar for instance. Check on the top mutual funds a year ago and compare it to the top mutual funds at present. You can notice that not a single name would appear on both years. And every year, figures and names would continuously change and the top mutual fund ranking would remain open to the thousands of mutual funds in the market.

As a corrective measure, top mutual funds should not become the basis of future investments. And as it is attractive as it may appear, it will never be able to predict the result of future mutual fund ratings.