Using a Calibrated Gauge Monitor for Blood Pressure

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When going to the hospital or clinic for a physical, doctors will always start by asking a few questions and then use a stethoscope and a blood pressure monitor as part of the initial test.

The individual’s blood pressure is important because it can predict any potential health risks. This is done by strapping a band on the arm of the patient and then pumping a few times so that the gauge will be able to give an accurate reading.

The figures that come out will enable the doctor to recommend what steps should be taken so that such risks can be avoided. Someone overweight for example should go on a diet and exercise to lose those excess pounds while those who are malnourished or fatigued should eat more and get some rest.

If there are no problems, the patient can be released until the next visit, which could be scheduled after another 6 months.

The person doesn’t have to wait until it is time once gain to go to the doctor to check on the blood pressure. This is because a battery powered machine can be purchased at the drug store for use at home.

When opening the box, it will be a good idea to read the instructions to be familiar with the instrument. The manual will tell what kind of batteries should be used, where this should be plugged and how this should be placed on the arm.

People know that on average, getting something like 120 over 80 means everything is normal. The machine should always start from zero and then move its way up. If it doesn’t, something could be wrong which causes the differences in the readings.

Should this happen, the best thing to do is to stay calm and check on the machine. A lot of things may have caused this such as the strap was not fixed properly or there is something wrong with the battery. When this happens, the individual should readjust the strap or replace the batteries with new ones and get another reading.

But if the batteries are good, then something could be wrong with the machine. The owner should have someone look at the machine or call the customer service hotline usually written in the manual to learn how this can be calibrated.

Are electronic ones better than the mercury models? The answer is no. More people prefer the battery operated ones because these are cheaper and are able to give the same results when calibrated and used properly.