What Is Revision Rhinoplasty?

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You would normally expect patients who undergo Rhinoplasty – a cosmetic surgery performed to change the appearance of one’s nose – to be very satisfied after the procedure. With their appearance enhanced, you would expect them to go about life with renewed confidence. Unfortunately that is not always so. There are cases where a procedure goes wrong and the result is not only a nose with deformities but also with added complications like breathing problems.
Revision Rhinoplasty, as its name suggests, is a procedure performed on a person who has already gone through Rhinoplasty. In most cases patients who go in for revision Rhinoplasty prefer to use a different surgeon than the one who had performed the original procedure.

Similar to the first Rhinoplasty, there are limits to what can be achieved in a revision Rhinoplasty. Often the surgeon will sit down with the patient trying to understand what he or she seeks out of the procedure and then provides a variety of options to choose from.

Sometimes the revisions requested are minor and can be corrected easily. For example, dips in the new nose can be filled out using implants while if there any bumps, they can be filed down. Conditions like a deviated septum or sinusitis can also arise as a result of an improperly performed Rhinoplasty but can be addressed in a revision Rhinoplasty. It can also correct noses that after the initial Rhinoplasty procedure, are too thick or thin as also can remove the scar tissue.

However, sometimes, there can be major problems and there has to be substantial reconstruction of the nose. This is a complex procedure since the natural nose is now no longer intact and the original tissue that existed before the surgery is now completely filled with scar tissue. It is thus not easy to work on the bones and cartilage of the new nasal structure.
As a result, revision Rhinoplasty requires even more expertise and experience than ordinary Rhinoplasty because of this complexity. In fact, revision Rhinoplasty is a specialty by itself because it requires that the surgeons have a certain set of skills that are required specifically for revision Rhinoplasty.

While some patients who undergo Rhinoplasty procedures may require revision Rhinoplasty, it is usually to address minor problems or imperfections. At times, you may feel the need for a revision Rhinoplasty even if you have had the initial procedure performed by any of the top Rhinoplasty surgeons in the country.

In fact, a large number of these are because of the patient not following the doctor’s instructions or not taking care of the nose properly after surgery. Further, these kind of revisions can be done fairly easily in the surgeon’s office and do not even cost as much as the initial Rhinoplasty. Finally, even though it is rare that a major revision is ever required after a Rhinoplasty, there are many skilled and experienced surgeons in the country who specialize in revision Rhinoplasty and who can very successfully carry out the procedures.

If you are therefore disappointed with the way your new nose looks or are having some complications because of the procedure, do not hesitate to contact a revision Rhinoplasty surgeon and discuss your options with him today.