Your Options for Teeth Whitening

Your Options for Teeth Whitening

Looking good and presentable is the need of the hour in our professional lives. In this fast growing competitive world no one wants to be left behind, especially when it is a matter of appearance. A good smile can work wonders and its importance cannot be underestimated when it comes to breaking the boardroom silence or finalizing a deal.

There is a sudden surge in the teeth whitening business and dentists, hygienists, and cosmetic surgeons are enjoying it! However this problem of plenty can confuse a layman as he is at his wits end trying to figure out the correct option. There are many teeth whitening procedures and methods available in the oral care business, basically these can be categorized into two, namely, at-home and at-office whitening.

As the cost to have a teeth whitening procedure done is not meager, it is always advisable to have a list of options that you can go for. Some of the popular procedures that you can opt for are:

* In Office bleaching: This is one of the most expensive procedures available. In-office bleaching is usually done by a dentist in his office and produces excellent results within a period of one to two hours. The main advantage that this procedure offers is the quick whitening with excellent results. One of the disadvantages of in office bleaching is its high price, which is often accounted for in its efficiency.

* Teeth whitening trays and gels: This type of teeth whitening procedure is slow but more effective then other teeth whitening procedures. In this procedure a dentist takes an impression from your teeth and makes a tray according to your teeth design. The tray is usually transparent and is worn for about a couple of hours a day or at night after filling them with gel. As already stated, this method being slow, it could take days or even weeks before results can start to show.

The gel and tray can be of two types, generally speaking, the ones given by your dentist or the ones bought by you as an over the counter oral care product. The difference between them is that apart from fitting you properly, the gel prescribed by the dentist would be faster and much more effective because of it having stronger peroxide-based bleaching agent. Whereas, in over the counter whitening gels, the peroxide level is optimized for average teeth.

* Teeth whitening toothpastes: Apart from cleaning of normal stains like tea, coffee or tobacco, standalone use of teeth whitening toothpastes for the purpose of seeking really white teeth is not effective. These are generally better used as a maintenance tool for keeping the whiteness derived from other teeth whitening methods/procedures alive for a longer time.

* Other teeth whitening products: Apart from the other stated products there are many other new products available in the market like teeth whitening chewing gum to help you whiten your teeth while you enjoy your gum, Dental floss to whiten your teeth while you floss or mouthwashes which make claim to make teeth whiter. The effectiveness of these methods is largely unknown and not well researched and you may have to try them yourself to find out what works for you.