Call Center Quality Issues To Consider

By , in Call Centers.

Customer satisfaction, and therefore repeat business from the customer, is directly linked with the experience the customer has with the company’s call center. Therefore, it is very important that your call center provides an excellent quality of service. In order to ensure such service quality, you need to be aware of the key quality issues that crop up in a call center so that preventive measures are taken against them. Here are some of the most frequently observed quality concerns in call centers across the globe:

1. Low Knowledge Levels of the Customer Service Executives: Customers believe that call centers agents need to know enough about the company’s policies and products and services offered to be able to answer their information requests right away. Most customers agree that the inability of a call center executive to answer their query is the most irritating part of calling and dealing with call centers. Also, such experiences often lead to a huge disappointment and a loss of faith in the company and hence adversely affect the company’s brand value.

2. Long Call-On-Hold Times: This problem is related in part to the abovementioned issue as if the call center agents are knowledgeable about the company’s products and services and its policies, they would not have to put the customer on hold for a long time for retrieving the information. They would either have the answer themselves or know just where to look for the answer quickly. Another factor that gives rise to this problem is related to the technology used. Software that is slightly complicated to navigate or high page loading times can also lead to delays in the retrieval of information and hence longer call-on-hold times.

3. High Number of Escalations: There a number of reasons for this problem to occur. For example, lack of process knowledge on the part of the call center agent or a bad previous experience by the customer that led to mistrust. In either case, the customer has to wait until the supervisor comes and handles his/her query, which is not a desirable scenario.

4. Unfamiliar Accent: A considerable number of call center operations are outsourced to non-native English speaking countries. This leads to the problem of the customer coming across agents whose accents he/she cannot decipher, and hence, a communication gap is formed. In order to avoid this problem, call centers invest heavily in accent training sessions. However, in spite of such training, the problem continues to persist.

With new call centers coming up every day and competition between these call centers increasing rapidly, it has become important for call centers to focus more on the quality of service that they provide. This is so because today businesses want to outsource their call center operations not to the cheapest call center option available but to a call center that provides the best service to the company’s customers. After all, it is the happy customers who make a business successful! Therefore, it is important that your call center does not have the abovementioned quality concerns.