Coaching Call Center Agents

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Are you running a call center or working as a team leader in one of those popular call centers of your city? Then, you must be seeking for some perfect and helpful advice on how to train your call center agents. So, here are eight easy steps that can help you in providing easy and effective coaching of call center agents.

Record Some Telephone Calls Randomly

First of all, try recording some telephone calls randomly. This is a useful step in observing how your employees are working. Just recording 2 to 3 calls will give you a fair idea of the performance of your employee. However, make sure not to record all the calls of an employee on a particular day, as that might be an employee’s bad day.

Review Recorded Calls To Note Strengths And Weaknesses

Second step is to review the recorded call to note the strengths as well as areas of improvement for your agent. Try to figure out what they did right and what can be improved and then go ahead to discuss about the same with your employee.

Play The Tape For Your Employee

Now, comes the third step of making your employee listen his or her recorded call. While you play the tape, remember not to respond while it goes on, let your employee first listen to it and realize what’s wrong and what’s good.

Let Your Employee Respond To The Tape

As soon as the tape finishes, don’t start your lecture, instead ask your employee what all he or she observed from the tape. In many cases, employees are self-critical and pick up mistakes, which they were not aware off. You will notice they will realize where they can improve after hearing the tape.

Coaching The Call

Now, it’s your turn to coach your employee. First, ask what he or she feels need to be improved and then give your own constructive feedback. Finally, end up with a positive feedback to motivate your employee. Make sure not to discourage your employee and therefore just tell one area of improvement, as your employee must have realized various areas of improvement himself or herself.

Get Commitment For Improvement

Getting the commitment for improvement is the most important step of coaching a call center agent. Be frank and ask your employee what all steps will he or she will take to improve over the next week. Note down what all he or she mentions and summarize the coaching session by repeating what the employee aims to do and what all were his or her strengths.

Follow-up Before Next Coaching Session

Check out what is your employee doing to improve and remind him or her of his or her commitment before the next coaching session. You can do all this via a telephone call or email.

Discuss Improvement In Next Coaching Session

Finally, call for the next coaching session and ask your employee how is she or he progressing towards improvement. End up with a positive review and motivate the employee further.