Virtual Call Centers

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You may be quite familiar with traditional call centers but may be totally at sea if someone tells you that they just setup a virtual call center. That apart with news of virtual call centers splashing across the media you may be quite curious to know why are virtual call centers getting all the popularity these days. Then, read on to learn what makes virtual call centers different and popular.

Defining Virtual Call Centers

As the name suggests, virtual call centers are the one where the representatives are not located under one roof, but scattered globally. Instead of sitting at the workstations in a call center, the employees operate from their homes. The employees of a virtual call center may or may not be situated in groups. What adds to their popularity is that they provide no restrictions to the employees and they themselves are therefore compelled to work effectively.

Features Of Virtual Call Centers

Now, check out the features and functions of a virtual call center.

* Virtual Call Centers are technologically more advanced than the traditional call centers as they allow limitless distribution of calls routed to different states across the world.

* No matter to which country the worker belongs, these call centers can transfer calls remotely to their home-based agents.

* The key to success of a virtual call center is that the workers have a broadband Internet connection at home with a good telephone landline and a quiet environment.

* This call center functions by routing the calls to the agent’s telephone line, so that agent can answer the queries of the customer.

Advantages Of Virtual Call Centers

Virtual call centers serve as great alternatives to the traditional call centers:

* Firstly, because unlike in traditional call centers, in virtual call centers the owner doesn’t need to spend a lot of money in renting or purchasing property to set up a call center.

* Secondly, it saves the management’s effort in running a large call center with hundreds of employees working and having different issues.
* Thirdly, it enables the workers to work more devotedly as they save their energy from useless traveling to the office.

* Fourthly, it gives immense flexibility to the owner to hire the best agents around the globe or from the beneficial time zones.

Popularity Of Virtual Call Centers

Here is a list of reasons that make virtual call centers popular:

* Virtual call centers provide the advantage of extended service hours to the owner.
* They are popular with those companies who seek 24-hour customer care service for their customers.
* They are easy to manage and cost-effective, hence popular than traditional call centers.
* Due to and less noisy environment they provide greater productivity.
* Both the employer and employee have their own benefits from a virtual call center.
* It gives an opportunity to several employees to utilize their free hours for work from the comfort of their home.
Last but not the least with the development of technology in all likelihood the scope virtual call centers is going to increase in coming days and if you are running a call center it is imperative that you factor them into your scheme of things in near future.