Starting Your Own Call Center

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With the growth in the customer care industry, many companies are trying to set up their own call centers. Their aim is to have their own customer care group to handle the queries and concerns of their clients and customers over a telephone call. However, they keep on delaying their plan to set up a call center due to lack of knowledge on how to start it all. So here are some steps to start up your own call center business.
Study The Call Center Industry

First step in starting up a call center business is a proper research. Collect a range of data available on the Internet or from the Small Business Administration to execute a plan for your call center business.

Examine Four Basic Call Center Types

As you will research, you will notice there are four types of call centers:

  • In-house Call Center: A call center catering to only the company’s customer service.
  • Outsource Call Center: It provides client relation services for other companies as well.
  • Inbound Call Center: It receives incoming customer communications.
  • Outbound Call Center: It is a call center that attempts to correspondent with clients via telephone.

Determine Permits And Licenses

Next step is to determine permits and licenses that you need to comply with state and federal regulations. Simply visit your state’s website or contact the government official directly to get the information about licenses and permits.

Compare Prices Of Equipments And Services

No business plan can be started without an evaluation of how much is going to be spent on it. So, compare the prices of equipments and services like Internet and telephone before starting your own call center business.

Create A Business Plan And Choose A Business Mentor

Now, after all these researches it’s time to plan for your call center business. Create a proper business plan by:

  • Choosing which of the four types of call center you want to set up.
  • Planning your company’s strategy and methods to measure quality, productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Plan for your own financial needs as well as your business’s goals.
  • Choose a business mentor and grab as much information as possible during face-to-face meetings.

Capital And Location

Another important step in starting up a call center is choosing the location as well as setting up a proper capital expenditure plan. Create your own budget for setting up a call center and look for funds. Enquire about a suitable location and whether you can actually set a call center there or not.

Get Clients

Finally, you have set up a call center but now the question is how to start it. So, try to make plans for making new clients and attract the old clients with new schemes. Develop relationships with people having decision-making powers in the city. Networking is important to get good and long-term clients.

Hire And Train Staff

Last step to start your own call center business is to hire as well as train the staff. Remember, that hiring a qualified staff is the key to success for a call center business. If your employees are not capable enough then no matter how big a call center you start, you won’t get anything out of it.