Car Games for Kids

Summer is the time, when parents try to take their kids out on a vacation and many times, they plan to go by car. Be it a camp site or a hill station, more than reaching the destination kids often feel elated by the idea of spending hours in car journeys playing some interesting games. Read this article to know what all car games you can try to keep your kids engaged during long distance journeys.

Silly License Sentences: Silly License Sentence game starts by the player challenging the other player to come up with a sentence that uses words that start with the letters on a license plate. Take for instance, the license plate no. AKPA 578 can give rise to a sentence like All Kangaroos Play Around”. These sentences can be as silly as you can possibly make them.

Hum That Tune: Kids do love singing and listening songs, this is the reason that Hum That Tune game is always popular among kids during car travel. To play this game, the player need to hum a section of a song and the other player has to guess the song. The player who guesses right, wins the game.
Alpha and Omega: There are many word games that kids can play during car travels, take for instance, Alpha and Omega. It is a word chain game in which the players must make a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. In this game, players usually call unique words.
Ghost: As the name suggests, Ghost is a game with some mystery around it and this is the reason that kids simply love this game. It is also a word game in which the players call out letters alternatively to make up a word. The main goal of this game is to finish a word with at least three letters. When, the player manages to make the word “Ghost”, he or she wins it.
Preacher’s Cat: Preacher’s Cat is a fun game in which the kids get the chance to practice matching adjectives and names while traveling through the alphabets. In this game, each players says, “The preachers cat is a/an_________ cat and his/her name is _______” with a suitable adjective in the first blank and a proper name in the second blank.
Crambo: Kids also like playing Crambo car travel game. In this fun game, a player thinks of a word and the others need to guess what is that word. It is a game that helps expanding the kids’ vocabulary in a fun way. Not only this, kids also get to learn how to solve riddles. Take for instance, for a word like “rat”, other players can ask questions like, “Is it a small animal with a long tail?”

Try out the above-mentioned exciting car games with your kids and see how comfortably you and your kids pass the long distance trips and reach your destinations in a cheerful mood.