Snacking Do’s and Don’t’s For Car Trips With Kids

So, you have thought of delighting your kids this vacation by taking them for a tour by car? Great! However, with the excitement of going for a trip with kids, don’t forget to pay attention on some essential things like snacking. We all know that car journeys especially when we plan to go on a tour tend to be tiresome and long and this is where it becomes important that you know what to carry for snacking and what to avoid. Read this article to know about the do’s and don’ts related to snacking in car.


Snacking in car during long distance journeys doesn’t mean that you carry every food item that you can get hold of. There are certain items that are best not to be carried for snacking in car.

Messy Food Items: For the simple reason that while you or your family member is driving, you can’t manage to eat something like a sandwich or a pizza that can be really messy to handle in a moving vehicle, so avoid carrying them during your journey by car.

Liquid Items: Neither can you manage to drink a hot of coffee or tea while driving on a highway, where you have to sit alert with your eyes focused on the road.


After having a look at the don’ts for snacking in car, now have a look at the do’s for snacking in car. There are options galore, when it comes to carry eatables for long distance car journeys.

Fruits: Remember; when you will eat healthy on the way, you will remain fit to enjoy yourself during your tour. If not for this reason, then for an ease to eat and manage, go for fruits as a vital snacking option during your long distance tour car journey. Fruits like grapes, bananas, oranges and apples are easy to eat and carry in car journeys.

Packaged Snacks: To quench your hunger instantly during a car journey, you can opt for packages snacks like potato chips, candies and French fries. However, do it only when you have no other option, as these things are often high in calorie content.

Proper Packing: Proper packing is the key to maintain the food you carry for your car journey in the proper way. Do carry some disposable bags and wrappings with you while going for a tour via car, so that you can throw the litter or fruit peels out with ease.

Eat In Moderation: Don’t eat just for the sake of killing time while traveling in car for long distance trips. Make sure to eat in moderation and when you really feel hungry. In other words, try to prevent overeating which is bad for health.

Avoid High Calorie Food: Try to avoid or minimize the intake of high calorie food during car journeys. The main reason to do this is that you won’t feel lazy and will be able to enjoy the tour after arrival at the destination.