Cigar Humidors, a Brief History

Cigar Humidors, a Brief History

A cigar humidor is the perfect place for you to store your cigars in case you are concerned about retaining their quintessential flavor. But that’s not all; a humidor is usually as good a collectible as a functional article, so apart from storing your cigar, a humidor can also display your prized collection in a classy manner.

Though a cigar humidor is easily available in the market, a number of cigar aficionados choose to get them built in order to suit their personal taste. A humidor can cost anywhere between $50 (for a simple, straightforward wooden box) to a few thousand dollars (for a more intricately worked upon heavy Spanish cedar box). 

A humidor’s climate control system is its most important feature. This is the part of the humidor that helps maintain the right level of humidity within the box and thereby helps keep the cigars moist and full of flavor for a long long time. Climate controllers available in today’s market are extremely ‘intelligent’ and helps maintain temperature in an extremely careful manner. Take Vigilant’s particularly popular model called Climatech for instance. This special model heats, cools, humidifies and dehumidifies automatically and according to the weather conditions in its immediate surrounding. 

Humidors need not refer to boxes alone, any closed space that is utilized in order to sustain a certain level of humidity on a constant basis can be termed a humidor.

Precious art paintings and even valuable historical documents are regularly stored in rooms with a controlled level of humidity. The level of humidity in the air greatly contributes to the life of such articles just as it influences the retention of the flavor of cigars. But despite the widespread use of humidors for a variety of purposes people still continue to link the use of humidors with cigars alone. 

All cigar aficionados, cigar clubs, smoking rooms in hotels and modern malls selling tobacco make use of humidors on a regular basis. This is because everyone who enjoys a good cigar knows that the unique flavor one usually associates with a cigar is highly dependant on the use of a humidor. If a cigar is not placed inside a humidor and kept moist then it will get dehydrated and lose its trademark taste.
Humidors maybe used to store any kind of tobacco product, be it cigars or even pipe tobacco or cigarettes.

Of course most cigarette smokers tend not to store their smokes in humidors simply because cigarettes tend to get consumed extremely quickly, much faster than say a cigar. 

A number of historians consider Zino Davidoff to be the first person to have built a ‘cellar humidor’ for preserving his cigars. Davidoff’s family dealt in cigars and as a result he soon found it necessary to preserve their taste by building a structure that would help keep the smokes in an ideal temperature. What resulted out of this necessity was a cigar ‘cellar’, said to have been built in early 20th century. Thankfully, today we do not need such a ‘cellar’ for storing our cigars, instead we can simply choose a far more portable and easy to use- cigar humidor.