Humidification Devices on Cigar Humidors

Humidification Devices on Cigar Humidors

Your prized cigars ought to be stored in their humidors at a temperature of approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit with the humidity level hovering between 68% and 72%. Now, while that sounds simple enough there is really nothing more difficult than maintaining a steady level of humidity in your box particularly when the season is changing. A lot of things, including the level of humidity within your own home (or wherever it is that your cigar humidor is kept) will influence the operation of the humidification system fitted inside your humidor. 

You might not be aware of it but the prolonged use of air conditioners or heaters in the close vicinity of the humidor can greatly affect the level of humidity inside it.

This is because both heaters and AC’s alter the amount of humidity present indoors and the degree of humidity in a cigar humidor is greatly related to the level of humidity in its surroundings. Humidity levels inside your humidor can also drop severely in case you place it directly under the sun.  

If you feel that the level of humidity inside your house is falling lower than it does usually, then keep adding either distilled water or a humidifying solution to the humidification system in your humidor on a regular basis. If keeping the devise full doesn’t seem to be solving the problem, then add a second humidification device to your humidor to help supplement the first one. Try Cigar Savor’s DryMistat for the purpose. 
Cigar Savors DryMistat consists of a plastic tube (almost as long as a regular cigar) consisting of gelatin-like droplets that soak up water. In order to use the device simply fill up the tube with water until the level of water is parallel to the second (upper) of the two lines marked on it. Put the tube into the humidor. Watch to see if the level of the beads has fallen to the first (lower) line. Once it does, fill the tube again until the level of water is parallel to the second (upper) line again. It would suffice to fill the tube in this manner every two moths or so. 

At $9, DryMistat is surely one of the cheapest ways available for maintaining the humidity level in your humidor. You may need to go ahead and use a second or even a third or a fourth DryMistat in your humidor. A number of people have found this device to be so useful that they have replaced their usual humidification apparatus with it. It works particularly well as the sole humidification device in your humidor when you are traveling.