Collecting Objects With No Dollar Value

There are two types of hobby for collectibles. One type is collecting objects with some sort of dollar value, and the other type is collecting objects with little or no dollar value. The hobby of collecting object with no dollar value is not expensive, and almost anybody will be satisfied with this type of hobby. Take an example: Collecting throwaway lighters, or collecting empty cases of different cigarette boxes. You can collect these objects without spending a single dime (beyond what you would have spent anyways, at least) and still satisfy yourself. The hobby of collecting object with no dollar value usually has no possible potentials for earning. The hobby of collecting object with no dollar value is mainly a hobby to pass time and deriver a sense of achievement. There is a very remote chance that some one will come and pay for collectibles like throw away lighters or empty cigarette boxes.

There are enumerable collectibles with no dollar value. Some of them include the likes of empty beer tins, wine bottles, match boxes and many more. Anything that we throw away could be considered collectibles with no dollar value. Sometimes children have the habit of collecting many useless things, and this habit becomes a hobby when they grow up. Unlike the hobby of collecting object with a dollar value, the hobby of collecting object with no dollar value is available in abundance, very accessible, and free. You can collect lots of worthless collectibles and group them or classify them before storing them neatly. There are even some hobbyists who collect paper napkins. They have whole rooms devoted to storing thousands of different paper napkins. Some disposable objects require special attention while storing.

Today, the most of these hobbies have absolutely no resale dollar value. But, it is quite possible that after some years, the same objects may be worth something. For this to happen one usually has to wait 50 years or more and hope that the item gains some sort of historical value. Meanwhile, you should simply enjoy the hobby of collecting objects with no dollar value. You will never find the collectibles in any of the hobby books. There are some exceptions though, such as rock or mineral collecting. A single rock in the river beds is worthless, until some hobbyist who collects the rock wants the particular rock that you possess. But this is a rare exception. Most of the worthless objects remain worthless, but give hobbyists enjoyment for hours.

Recently there is a movement to earn returns from the hobby of collecting object with no dollar value. It is hard to judge the experiences of those hobbyists who claim to be earning handsomely from the worthless collectibles. Basically, these hobbyists launch a website for the collectibles they enjoy to collect, and the create interest for these objects. There are many websites for hobbyists who collect paper napkins, tooth picks etc. If you feel the urge to collect, you should never do it in hopes that someday it will pay off and you will get rich off of your hobby. You should do it for the love of the object, or for the desire to amass the collection. This will provide you much more pleasure and satisfaction with your hobby.