Doll House Collectibles

Recent trends suggest that many adults are adopting the hobby of collecting and decorating doll houses. The reason is very simple; decorating doll houses gives tremendous satisfaction to adults as well as younger children. One supplier of doll house decorating material points out that there is a hidden desire in every adult to build a house of their design. But this desire is not practically possible for all, so they feel elated when an opportunity comes to decorate a doll house.

Those who have the hobby of collecting and decorating doll houses use all of their artistic imagination for the design and decorations that they use. For them this is an inexpensive way to decorate the house which they always wished for. It is no wonder that some of these hobbyists take years to complete their decorating, sometimes never finishing. These hobbyists mostly work with one room at a time, and by the time they reach to the last room they come across a new idea for the first room, so they will scrap the decoration of the first room and start all over again. For some it is a never ending process.

The hobby of decorating doll houses is very time consuming and challenging. The bigger the doll house, the bigger the challenge. All decorators have one common thing, and that is patience. It is no wonder, since they would probably go crazy without it. They have to work out the detailed plan before starting the decoration for the living room, bed room, kitchen, bathroom and even attic or spare room. After creating the detailed plan, the hobbyist starts designing the rooms with wall paper, carpet, window curtains etc. They also decorate their doll house with other innumerable accessories like miniature light bulbs, furniture and many more.

Some doll house decorators want to replicate their doll house exactly like their home, or how they wish their home would look like. Some even try to experiment first in their doll house before applying the same thing in to their house. Today, the hobby of decorating doll houses becomes more and more specialized. Most doll houses have landscape, patios, gardens etc. Some have even built a mini theater in their doll house.

There is a very big market for miniature decoration materials for doll houses. There are special companies that deal with only miniature, custom made furniture. Generally the cost of custom made miniature furniture is high, since they pay full attention to the minute details. Most miniature furniture is a working model; that is, you can open the drawer of miniature wardrobe.

The most difficult part of designing and installing a doll house is the lighting system. If the hobbyist has no previous knowledge of electricity and wiring than it is very tough to do the wiring and lighting of doll house without expert help. As long as the hobbyist doesn’t have any specific plans for advanced lighting systems, it is possible to buy small kits that are fairly generic in their appearance.

Building a doll house and stocking it with collectibles is a long and time-consuming process, and requires great attention to detail. It is a hobby that will cause quick frustration in most people. But, if you think you have it in you to pursue the hobby, you may find that it is very fun and enjoyable.