Computer Puzzle Games

Children love solving puzzles, and you can find a variety of them – crosswords, brainteasers, and word searches – to keep them occupied for hours. However, as they grow older, you will find that they quickly finish what they have on hand and are on the lookout for something new to do. Computer Puzzle Games are an excellent option for kids who enjoy puzzles. Not only do they provide them with non-stop entertainment, they teach them many skills like planning and thinking about strategies. We will take a quick look at some computer puzzle games that your kids will enjoy playing.
One of the most popular puzzles is Block Party. In this game, colored blocks from under the members of a rock band have to be removed by a player so that they will fall on to the stage and then begin to play. If the blocks are not removed quickly enough, then the rock band members keep going up and if they reach the lights placed at the top of the stage, the show is over and so is the game! A nice twist to this game is the selection of the members – the player has to pick the right performer – no heavy metal rockers in the band!

A player can try removing the blocks in many different ways, the easiest of course being to form horizontal or vertical row of blocks of one color. Of course, new blocks will keep coming up from below and they will come in faster and in all directions at higher levels. There are special blocks which the player can use to clear blocks – the blast block for example, can be used to remove an entire row or column so long as there are three or more blocks of the same color. Once the player fills up the empty slots to the left with the required number of rock band members, he or she can move to the next level. As mentioned earlier, the puzzle gets more challenging at a higher level.

If you want to spend some time playing with your child, both of you could try ‘King of the Jungle’. Both players have to shoot bubbles towards similar bubbles hanging from the roof – only similar colored bubbles can be struck down. See who has the steadier aim – you or your child.

If you would just like to spend some quiet time working on computer puzzles, there are a variety of interactive ones to choose from –

  • Animal jigsaw puzzles for all animal lovers.
  • * Puzzles featuring famous landmarks, landscapes and scenic views.
  • For those who love machines and automobiles, there are many jigsaw puzzles featuring motorcycles, classic automobiles, sailing ships, sport and luxury cars, aircraft, etc.
  • Art jigsaw puzzles feature works by famous artists. You get to know more about their work by working on some of these puzzles.
  • There are many ‘olden days’ puzzles that let you remember and recollect memories of the past.

You might also be pleasantly surprised to know that nowadays, you can just take a digital picture and then using freely available software cut it up into a jigsaw puzzle to have your own custom made jigsaw puzzle.

Give these computer puzzle games a try – chances are that you will remain hooked to them for some time to come.