Jigsaw Puzzles

During family gatherings, finding something for the whole family to do is never easy. Other than family dinners when everyone is able to sit together and be part of a common activity, it seems almost an impossible task to bring together people of different generations and with different views. Jigsaw puzzles are the perfect remedy for the situation.
For many families, jigsaw puzzles were an integral part of growing up. Card tables would be set up and puzzles would be slowly built. There was no pressure to finish the puzzle and you did not have to do it all in one go. For this reason, many people find working on jigsaw puzzles very relaxing and a very pleasant past time. Not to mention satisfying, as you watch a picture emerge from the thousands of little pieces.

Jigsaw puzzles can help in more than one way. For one, it does indeed bring the family together. The price of a jigsaw puzzle may vary depending on the complexity of the puzzle but it has tremendous value as a unifying factor. In fact, even children can be made part of this activity so long as the puzzles are selected with their capabilities and their interests in mind. Further, many people will tell you that as family members keep working on the puzzle, they converse more easily and share things that would not have otherwise done. This is a great way of spending some quality time with your grown-up children, especially if you have been having difficulty in communicating with them.

Another attraction of jigsaw puzzles is that they offer instant gratification. There are no rules to read and understand and the time it takes to finish a puzzle depends only on your ability. As such, in contrast to board games that can be such long, drawn affairs, you are in complete control when it comes to completing a jigsaw puzzle.

The more popular jigsaw puzzles in recent times have been of the three-dimensional variety with the more ambitious ones among them being aimed at older children and adults. In fact, even though women tend to buy more puzzles than men, it was found that more men purchased the three-dimensional puzzles than did women. The reason for the popularity of these puzzles among men is believed to lie in their similarity to model making, a traditionally popular past time with men. There are many other new varieties of jigsaw puzzles ranging from fine art to mystery stories and even photomosaic puzzles.

People follow different approaches to completing a puzzle – whatever the approach you take, you must always give yourself plenty of room to put together the puzzle. Some would suggest using a place four times the actual size of the puzzle. Many people like to preserve their puzzle once it is completed. They either get it glued or laminated – some people even have it specially framed.

Jigsaw puzzles are unique as they can keep a single person occupied to the same degree as an entire family, and as such are more interesting than many other forms of entertainment.