Game Ideas for A Tea Party

Though tea parties have been a time-honored tradition all over the world, they do not have to be a very formal affair. After all, a tea party is not just about sipping some hot tea; it is also about sharing some time with old friends and family members as also about making new friends. And tea party games can certainly help to entertain as well as let all your guests get to know each other. Here are some innovative game ideas for a tea party.

  • You should look for games that will bring people together, talking to each other and knowing more about each other. The games should help your guests to connect and relax. Avoid board games that can tend to be fairly long, drawn-out games. They can actually end up putting everybody off. Choose games that are easy to understand and easy to play.
  • The best games are those that allow everyone to mingle. For example, ask each one of the guests to complete a task, which involves them having to speak to other guests. One form of this game is having your guests go up to each other and write down what each one is thankful about. This will get the conversation going.
  • A tea party is also a good time for a book club to meet. In fact, even children can take part in such parties. Each person in the book club takes turns hosting the tea party, which could be held once a month and the hostess also decides what book everyone should read. All the members of the book club should read the book before the tea party and then discuss various aspects of the book during the party. Not only can you spend some time with your friends but also, this is a great way to get to know some good literature.
  • Another game with a literary touch is to read a famous literary quote. Guests are allowed some time to guess or discuss who the author was. The winner can pick from a gift basket that will contain a collection of gifts – perfumes, luxury bathing soaps, stationery, chocolates, etc. The game can go on till all the gifts have been won.
  • Another favorite party game is called ‘Two Plus One’ – each person has to mention three things about themselves, two of which are true and one of which is not. Guests have to guess which ones are true and which ones are false. This game is also a great ice-breaker and the stories can add a touch of fun to the evening.
  • If you are willing to hand over some prizes or gifts to winners, you could consider having a beautiful centerpiece and the hold a raffle to give it to the winning person. You can stick the number to the bottom of the tea saucers and at the time of the raffle, you could ask everyone to lift their saucers for a minute to see what number they have.