Pirate Party Games For Kids

Even in ordinary play, children love the idea of playing pirates, of running a pirate ship and going on treasure hunts. Make this the theme of the birthday party you have to organize next and you can assure yourself a successful birthday party. However, how can a party be complete without some great party games? To go with the pirate theme, here are some great pirate party game ideas for kids.

  • Instead of the usual ‘Blind Man’s Bluff’, try the ‘Blind Captain’ game. While many of your young guests may already have come with one eye patch, to be a blind captain, you have to wear two eye patches. Then just as in Blind Man’s Bluff, the Blind Captain has to try and catch someone who will be the next blind captain. If the game is played in a small room it makes the game more difficult for the kids but also more fun.
  • You cannot be a pirate and not look for treasures! A treasure hunt is again a great favorite with kids. A classic treasure hunt will be just like treasure hunts in the olden days. Divide your young guests into two groups and give each one of them a piece of old parchment (ordinary paper, made to look like old parchment). This will contain a hint about where the next clue is hidden. Hide the clue in a nice reward – this way they will feel motivated and also have more fun looking for clues.
  • No pirate themed party can be complete without playing some water games. Set up a small swimming pool in your backyard – if you already have a swimming pool, wonderful else just use an inflatable pool. Now give each kid a remote controlled toy boat with the parent in charge of the boat officially designated as the gold ship. The kids have to chase and try to catch the gold ship -the parent will try to elude capture. The first ship that manages to touch the gold ship wins.
  • Another variation of the pool game is to add a lot of sharks, shells and other plastic sea creatures to your pool. Now drop a pirate figure into the water and shout ‘Man Overboard’. The kids have to search for the pirate figure in the water and the person to find it first is the winner. Of course, kids usually have more fun splashing water on each other than actually trying to find the pirate figure.
  • One more variation of the popular ‘Burst the Balloon’ game is to have inflated black balloons – cannonballs! – tied to each kid’s ankle. You could make it more fun by using water balloons. Now kids have to try and explode the other person’s cannonball while protecting their own. This game is simple, fun and kids have great fun in bursting balloons.

As you can see there is a wide variety of pirate party games for kids to choose from. You can also bring in a pirate cake, have pirate-themed decorations and best of all get kids to wear pirate costumes, to make the party even more memorable.