Engagement Party Games

As soon as you announce your engagement to the world, you will be flooded with calls from friends and family who want to know if and when you plan on holding an engagement party. While you are certainly not obliged to throw an engagement party, it is a great way of officially announcing your engagement and will also allow friends and family from both sides to get to know each other.
However, just as with any other party, planning an engagement party is no walk in the park – you have to worry about the venue, the timings, the menu, the decoration and of course, the party games. To make life a little easy, here is a list of quick ideas for you to create your own engagement party games.

  • Once the formal announcements are over and as the food is being served is the best time to start your party games. One of the easiest ways of letting your guests know each other is to pair up individuals, hand over a pen and paper to each one of them, and then give them some time to get to know each other. This game works well when the partners do not know much about each other to begin with. When the time is up, each pair comes forward and tries to introduce the partner. Even if you know the individuals well, it is interesting to hear about them from another person’s point of view.
  • Since this party is probably the first time that many family members of the engaged couple get to meet each other, a game like ‘Trivial Pursuit’ can be a great icebreaker. To add a twist, include questions that cover events and facts related to the engaged couple (like where they first met, how did he propose, and so on). Some very interesting fun facts can emerge during this game that will help the guests to get to know the couple better.
  • Another variation of this party game would be to ask the couple questions. They would be requested to sit in front of the guests and then the audience can ask them any question. Of course, since the occasion is a special one for the couple, guests should take care not to ask any offending question or create an uncomfortable situation with their questions. The best type of questions would again be of where they met, how they met and about events that led to the engagement. They can even ask the couple to sing their favorite song or to dance, which could be some of the most memorable moments of the party.
  • To help the couple plan for their wedding, you could put up two boards, one saying ‘Advice from a Married Man’ and the other saying ‘Advice from a Married Woman’. Now request married couples to come forward and write one piece of advice each about how the wedding should be planned. Remember the advice should only be about actually planning the wedding and not so much about marriage. Keep the advice light and fun-filled.