Healthy Snacks For Road Trips

Ask those mothers, who have small kids and you will get to know how tough it is for them to make their kids eat food on time. When the occasion is like of traveling for hours, kids try to make the most of it by eating not at all. Perhaps, this is reason that mothers usually try to know what all healthy snacks to carry for their children while traveling in cars. Read on to know about some healthy snacks that kids can have during traveling.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits often are a popular choice for snacks to be carried while traveling. Though small in size, these fruits are high in nutrition and don’t take much space in carrying. Moreover, you don’t have to worry for their condition, as they don’t get damaged in too much heat or too much cold. You can carry dried apricots, dates, pineapples and mangoes.

Fresh Fruits

Don’t forget carrying healthy fresh fruits during car journeys for yourself and your children. Easy to eat, fruits form the best way to supply nutrition to kids during traveling. You can carry cut fruits in Tupperware containers and carry fruits like grapes, bananas, oranges and apples loose in a carry bag.

Granola Bars

Children simply love popping in granola bars during long distance traveling in cars. These form an ideal option to fill in the hunger pangs on the way. Moreover, these bars are easy to eat and carry along in pockets and rucksacks.


Children can’t resist eating popcorns. So, make sure to carry small packets of popcorns during traveling. Instead of goring upon chocolates and candies, try to make your kids gorge on popcorns that are healthy to eat and light in weight too.

Rice Cakes

Cooking mini rice cakes is also a great idea to give healthy snacks to your kids during traveling. These mini rice cakes are tasty to taste and can be cooked or can be bought in various flavors to please the kids.

Boiled Sweets

Boiled sweets can also be considered as healthy snack items for children during car journeys. You can also fetch sugar-free boiled sweets in case you are worried for your kids becoming obese.


Supplement your kids with essential fats with nuts during traveling. Carry small packs of nuts like peanuts, cashews and almonds. Your kids can easily eat them and dispose off the packets after use.

Trail Mix

No matter how long your car journey is, you can carry trail mix for kids so that they remain healthy all way long. You can make this mix by mixing things like chocolate chips, flavored cereals and corn flakes. Moreover, you can also add nuts and dried fruits.


Last but not the least; make sure to carry bottled water during traveling not just for children but for yourself. Often road trips can be long and dehydrating and in such cases consumption of adequate amounts of water is needed to keep yourself in good health.

So, now you know what all healthy snacks you can carry along for your children while traveling.