Keeping Kids Entertained On Road Trips

Car journeys might be very relaxing for adults, as they can take a nap or listen to their favorite tracks and enjoy themselves. However kids may find relaxing a boring option and may look out for interesting things to do. Remember, you can’t expect your kids to sit still and mum for hours during long traveling hours. So, it is essential that you know how you can keep them entertained during a long journey in a car. Read this article to know what all ideas you can use to entertain kids on a long road trip.

Car Bingo Games

Kids can be entertained during traveling with car bingo games which essentially feature a series of various exciting card games. These cards usually feature railroad trucks, cows and different road signs. Kids of all ages can easily play these games and spend hours in fun traveling in cars.

Car Music

Another interesting way to keep your kids entertained during long car journeys is to let them listen to your music CDs. You can easily fetch some music CDs that are your kids like to hear. Also you can try making your kids listen to nursery rhymes and poems. This way, they will not only spend hours in fun but will also learn new poems on the way with ease. Moreover, these CDs can also act as lullabies for kids for a smooth sleep.

General Knowledge Games

Try to utilize the hours of car journeys by using it to enhance the general knowledge of your kids. For this you can opt to play various general knowledge games like asking, which is the biggest mammal and so on. This is a perfect way to make your kids’ journey educational and entertaining.


To make it more interesting for kids, try giving them a chance of mapping the journey. This is an interesting way, in which you let your kids mark on map the progresses of your car journey. Not just a fun way but also an educational way, mapping does helps kids later on to fill maps in schools.

Video Games

Don’t forget to carry your kid’s video games to keep them entertained during car journeys. Chances are that the kids will themselves carry their video games but in case, they forget to carry it, you make it sure to carry it without a miss. In fact, video game is one such device that will for a minute make you feel that your kids are not accompanying you, as they will be so engrossed in playing their video game.

Toys & Books

You can also carry toys and books that your kids love to play and read. These things will make car journeys interesting for them and hassle free for you. You can also carry along some multi colored pen and drawing papers to keep your kids engaged during your long car journeys. Storybooks are also great for passing time for kids in car.

Simply, try out the above-mentioned ideas and keep you kids engaged and happy for long car journeys.