Choosing Snacks For Car Journeys

Most of the times when traveling, you might have to wait a lot longer than you thought to grab a bite to eat, and you might feel those nasty hunger pangs wracking your tummy every now and then. These are the moments when you look around and settle for the first burger joint you spot. Unfortunately, most of the foods found here can easily be compared to junk, not to mention that they prove quite taxing on the pocket. Now what if the foods you partake prove bad for you or worse make you ill? Could it not ruin the entire trip or even part of it?  With a little planning, you can go a long way and keep up with your health while keeping a balanced level of energy which would keep you active for a longer time.

The idea is to opt for snacks that are low carb and low on simple sugars and caffeine. In these cases, meats, fruits and nuts make  great options as they are much more filling and keep you healthy and active.   This article will help you plan ahead, keep your energy levels balanced when you travel, and stay healthy even while on the go while being quite inexpensive. Plan ahead if necessary and consider a pre-trip meal which balances out all the essential nutrients of a good diet. This would keep you from jumping to every food stand you see and help you keep away from junk food. If you don’t like heavy meals you can always consider light foods like peanut butter sandwiches or even cheese and crackers.

Keep a small store of snacks in your pack so that you can keep the hunger pangs at bay. Here are few ideas to help you get started:

  1. Keep a lot of nuts and dried fruits as they are a good way of keep your energy high whereas nuts are also rich in proteins. Mix them up and create a trail mix with your personal favorites which would make for a snack you would look forward to.
  2. Carry a small traveling container of Peanut butter, or make peanut butter sandwiches to carry in small sealed container.
  3. Energy bars and Granola bar are a good option for a nice snack as they are low on sugar and high in flavors. There are tons of these in the market of different flavors so carry a small supply of different varieties.

Fruits always make for a good snack as they are organic and contain no added sugar. However carrying them can be a small problem as they are easy to bruise and easy to spoil, so carry a bit with you and consume them as soon as you can. And replenish the store every time you spot an outlet for fresh fruits. Another way is to make some homemade fruit jam which would also make for a great snack as you can easily get fresh bread from almost anywhere. Fruit leather roll-ups are also a great option as they are easy to carry and have a good shelf life, and they contain no added sugars which makes them as healthy as fresh fruit.