Varieties of Car Games

There is nothing like a nice vacation that includes a road trip, getting back with nature or even old far-off friends and relatives. After a point of time, the drive until you get there might become slightly dull. What better way to while the time away than a few games that can easily be played by everybody and make the trip full of laughter and entertainment, not to mention keep the kids occupied and happy, making sure they are not bored to fits of fighting. In fact, games can even help those who get carsick be distracted. Here are a few games that can be made fun for all, especially the kids. 

Alphabet Game: This is a relatively simple and easy game to play where everybody tries to find something outside that begins with a particular letter. For instance, if the chosen letter is “C” then Cat, clouds, crow etc. Whoever can name the most wins, and this would keep the kids enthusiastic in looking out the window and enjoying the scenery.

License Sentences:
The objective of this game is to point at a particular license plate and challenge a player to come up with a sentence with words matching the letters on the plate to the T. For eg. DGW 441 can be turned into “dogs go woof”. The rule is that the sentences should be thought up fast and should be grammatically correct without any words being used that are out of common thought or in the dictionary.

Hum That Tune: One person hums a tune and the others have to guess the song. Right guesses win the turn to hum and three right guess in a sequences is declared the winner. This game at times can be a lot of fun as with every good tune; you may eventually end up singing the song with everybody making some of the most memorable moments.

First and Last:
This is a word game where one speaks a particular word and the other has to come up with another that begins with the last letter of the previously spoke word. No repetitions are allowed and to make it more fun a particular theme can be drawn out to make it more challenging like countries, animals, birds, cities, etc. However, no proper nouns are allowed until and unless it goes with the theme of the game such as countries and cities.

Detectives: This can be played by many people where one is (or two are) assigned the role of the detective, one is Mr.X the murderer and the rest are civilians. The objective of Mr.X is to steal from all the civilians which is done by winking at them and the civilian has to announce that he’s been robbed without naming Mr.X, and the objective of the detective is to catch Mr.X before he robs all the civilians. This is a very fun game and is most enjoyed by everybody from adults to kids. The roll assigning for selecting Mr.X, detective and civilian is undertaken through randomly picking close chits.